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Simple question, how much DPS should one be aiming for in order to finish Inferno? I know you can never deal enough damage in these games but I'm not gonna waste too much time saving up gold to get those high priced uber items. Will 40k dps do it?
well 70k should do, as long as you can survive .
I first beat inferno with 33k DPS (unbuffed). That was in 1.0.3 or 0.4
I first beat inferno with 19k dps barb 1.0.1
DPS is important, but you'll also need to focus on defense... you'll want some resists, some armor and some life to go with that DPS.

40k dps with some of the above, doable... 40k dps without defense, you're going to struggle.
beated hardcore inferno with 28k unbuffed dps :)
Killed diablo in hard core 2 days ago with 11kDPS, 800AR + 5000armor WD

You can kill diablo in softcore only with blue gear

There is a video on youtube with a DH killed MP10 diablo naked, only with weapon.

This game is a joke at MP0
20-30k is enough.
20k was what I had when I beat MP0
Thanks guys.

Defense is reasonable for the lvl 60 characters I currently have. Armour's damage reduction is at 50% for my Wiz, over 70% for my Barb - both with skills. Resistances are at least 300 i.e. over 50% reduction, life is over 40k for my Wiz and almost 60k for my Barb. Also have life regen which is over 1700 for both characters.

The other 3 classes should be able to reach similar defensive specs based on the gear I've been buying on the AH for them. At least I hope so.

I just don't have any bonuses to crit damage and crit hit chance since the good stuff goes for so much.
Beated inferno for the first time in 1.03 with 18k dps, 8500 armor, 1700 regen/sec and around 900 all resist. No critical chance or damage. This was actually the time when Ghom was harder then diablo!
100k is easy to get, get some crit and crit chance.
Lowest DPS I beat the game with was my WD. 11K DPS was good enough to do it back during 1.03.
Mugsy, what have you been doing?
You have leveled two chars to 60 with ok gear and are stuck at act 1/2 hell?
You should be able to sleepwalk to Inferno with both at MP10. Easily.
For Inferno I'd stack a bit more all resist though.
I have about 130k dps, 5000 armor and 400-600 res...

still die like an idiot from reflect elites in MP5.... (sometimes even in lower MPs)

High dps is attainable, but high dps and really good defense is ultra expensive to buy.

On the mediocre to cheapo side, you can have good defence, but craaappp dps and vice versa.
1.0.3 39k dps 7k armor 750 RA barbarian...
I beat the Butcher with my barbarian for the first time with around 17k dps, 17k health and around 200 resist all unbuffed.

But the lowest dps I cleared inferno with was 35k.
i beat diablo on original inferno a month after release doing 8k DPS on my prot barb. any dps is fine , especially now that everything is easier. but the most common goal for players is 100k

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