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I would really like to use Quickening to better spam bells, but it simply cannot compare to Thunderclap, even in terms of spirit regeneration!

This is because of the mobility that Thunderclap affords you. I even tried combining Quickening with Dashing Strike, but DS is just so inaccurate (I miss with it all the time), and Quickening doesn't proc nearly as much.
I'd like to feel Seven Sided Strike could replace Serenity on my monk but there are issues with it:
- huge spirit cost
- long cooldown
- it's kind of lame when used against a group

I think SS should have half the spirit cost and a 7 seconds cooldown, that way I'd feel like a flipping ninja monk when facing the forces of evil!
With the Barbarian I like so much, when do I see a great mob of monsters, run over than with Furius Charge/Battering Ram, then use Ground Stomp/Wrenching Smash and finish them with Cleave and Seismic Slam. Its pretty fun, but its weak against elite or ranged monsters.
... And with the Demon Hunter, Multishoot and Rapid Fire are my favorite, but Hate decrease very fast.
Twin chakrams, because even though they are pretty good for open spaces, they get stopped by every freaking doodad they hit and have their efficiency severely decreased in closed areas (keep depths, for instance), which makes them rather frustrating.
For me it is passives... I would love to use these passives for various scenarios, but feel locked in to what I have:

- Spiritual Attunement - more mana, mana regen
- Bad Medicine - 20% group damage reduction
- Tribal Rites - Slam Dance cool down reduced by 25%
The two that stand out for me are Earthquake and creepers (wall of zombies). It's not so much that they don't fit in my build so much as they can't make the build. I had intended them to be the center piece of my first builds on release. Their retarded cooldowns didn't exist when they were first announced so I didn't find out until later that it was impossible to make a build around those skills. They would only ever serve as support skills which basically killed the entire option of those builds.
*Most* skills are awesome ideas.
But crappy damage, short duration, long CD et al make them useless and unfun.
Man, the builds I could use if I had just one more ability slot in my hotbar. I'd love to use Leap again.
02/14/2013 09:48 AMPosted by Begaria
Man, the builds I could use if I had just one more ability slot in my hotbar. I'd love to use Leap again.

I've always loved WW from D2 and the WoW's Bladestorm.

So I said screw it and gave up Sprint/RLTW in favour of Leap/DfA. I don't care about the WW build anymore and just play for fun and not completing the game. A barb is not a barb without leap.
02/13/2013 09:51 PMPosted by DOWNFALL
Sacrifice, I love the idea but with the cooldown on dogs as you are leveling it's very risky cause you lose a ton of meat shields.

homonucleus, maras, soj, ect. can be reduced to 0 cooldown. from what I've heard its actually a great WD build. you should google it. I don't play my wd very much and I'm not an expert. I just like to play mine every once in a while when I'm feeling necromancer sick.

Notice I said while leveling, When you hit 60 it is VERY viable.
6 places on skillbar and 3 passives has it's limit.

I dont use them because I have no place for them. I'd also like to use different runes of the same skill at the same time because the skills are very different.

But first I'd love 8 places on my skillbar.

I get the 6 places thing... 1,2,3,4,Hold position(Shift) and mouse L,R - fits your 2 hands... Of course you have to move them to other buttons not to break your hand while playing.

But mouse has more buttons, sure not everyone has... also some skills do not require constant use, just once every 1-2 minutes... they could easily be put on different buttons.

More place pls.
Leap is one of the most fun skills in the game but barbs don't have room for it in any efficient build. It also really needs to be on right click, which creates more problems.

Angry Chicken (WD skill) should be its own class. It could be the second STR class people have been clamoring for.
Nearly all wizard offensive skills seem underpowered compared to other classes. APoC should not be such a necessity for a wizard to be effective. For example Monk's Wave of Light crushes mobs now. Just look at the weapon damage compared to any and all wizard skills. The only thing that comes close is Arcane Torrent with Death Blossom and that rune is horrible. Given spirit does not regen on its own, but still come on, the little damage buff to Arcane Orb is not the answer. Even with the buff it hits no where close to other resource comparable skills for melee classes. Speaking of that WD skills are very similar. Melee classes trump ranged in every way with the exception of maybe cmww for the stun lock. I'm not saying said skills should hit as hard as monk and barb skills, but right now the contrast is too black and white.
I'd love to be able to use Disintegrate or Arcane Torrent as a Wizard. The former requires specific gearing and just has abysmal damage, and the latter is so small and also has meh damage output. Not to mention both are channeled skills that leave you waaaaay too vulnerable.
oh god.

it would be easier to list the skills I don't like or use


Wizard in particular have way to many fun options that there are always significant cuts.
Monk's have the most 'meh' skills at the other end of the spectrum.

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