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I’d love to find a way to get Hex - Angry Chicken on my skill bar. This might be easier in Normal mode, but my Witch Doctor is Hardcore and would need to replace Horrify – Stalker, and I really like having a "get away from me" option. Angry Chicken sorta does the same thing, but it’s slightly less effective and doesn’t have the speed boost. Maybe once my gear gets a little better. :)
For me it's Ice Armor, Ray of Frost and Electrocute. I can't use Ice Armor because the spell is designed around the concept of being hit, but as a wizard you want to avoid taking damage where possible. Ray of Frost I loved using but as its channeled and standing still usually equals death so I can't really use it. Electrocute I don't use as the damage is too low and its proc coefficient isn't good enough.
1. Demonhunters Fan of Knives
Reason: I don't use it is because I can't spam it. :(
The adding of cooldowns on skills kind of makes a skill "not fun"

2. Wizard Arcane Orb
Reason:Once again, you can't really spam it.
Wizards have always been known to spam spells, however, most of the wizards skills are only channel-able not spammable. (Sry for overemphasizing the spamming)

3. Wizard Slow Time
Reason: It does not slow enough
I feel that if you cast something that is constrained to such a small area, it should have a BIG IMPACT. I would think that monsters in this slow time would be just about frozen, but they are not.

Or what about a slow time, that does damage to all monsters inside it? (A trap like mechanic, to switch things up a bit.)
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Maybe once my gear gets a little better. :)
Gotta keep crafting that Archon gear. ;-) 3 socket chest with All Res + Vit, gogogo!
Hydra - Mammoth Hydra
i cannot stand the animation for this rune. why have a hydra if it doesn't even breathe fire? it just kinda shoots out from the ground. IMO it shoot some massive fireball or huge cone of fire, something like that.

i use lightning hydra now because it always hits, and obvious choice for my lightning based build right now. i'd really like to try for more fire damage but the wizard lacks fire damage skills. more please!
1. Meteor.

Why? When I cast it the mobs are long gone before impact, and it costs 50 arcane power.

2. Mirror image - duplicates

Why? Well I do use it when really needed, but there is a 1 sec lagg and you always have the chance of getting pushed into crap by your other you's.

3. Electrocute - lightning blast

What happened to it? My attack speed grew too fast for it to feel nice. Still looking for a replacement, but all other signature spells are singletarget or have a very small target radius. (could consider arcane orb, but something fireball-ish wouldve been nice). For now I go with disintegrate - convergence. feel a little forced as the other runes and ray of frost all stop at 1 target.
1. Wave of Force - As a CM/WW having a massive crowd of enemies around me is beneficial for getting that APoC going, and it sucks when they are all scattered all over the place... Why not have a Rune that does the opposite; like the monks ability. Let the Wave of Force vortex enemies in!

2. Ice Armor - Just needs to be completely changed, I like the idea of Ice armor and I'd like to have a version of the Ice Sorc back from D3... Don't know what I would do here.

3. Disintegrate - By far my favorite spell that the Wizard can conjure. The problem is the current builds that trump it 10 fold. Only time I get to use it for fun is when I'm power leveling and I can spam it on lower difficulties. However in higher difficulties MP0-2 when I'm farming I use my version of the Archon build and the Death Beam Laser that is available is INSANE in comparison also I never drop out of Archon, in even higher difficulties MP7-10 CM/WW Wizard is the only viable build to survive the onslaught of abuse from the undead!!!
Wolf Companion - Not an effective tank, not effective dps, no useful passives... Neat idea though!

Strafe - Too hatred hungry to be useful for High MP games, works great on lower MPs though.
i would love to be able to use different runes of the same skill in different slots. it would make farming so much faster if i could quadruple stack a spirit walk or a sprint
Furious Charge, because it has so much utility, it is priceless.

But as it is completely broken and completely ignored by Blizzard, it is useless.
Seismic slam, Earthquake, Call of the Ancients,
Meteor, Ice armor, Wave of frost (maybe for pvp, real pvp.. i mean.. not dueling)

Why? Because they have really big cooldowns or just do nothing at all.

And by the way - the game needs skill tree which is a bit late to be this part of the game is totally dead ;(
Disintegrate because its proc rates are horrible and its arcane power use scales with attacks per second.
Mystic Ally - I like the concept but it's mostly just a damage sponge and a mild DPS increase. There's no real synergy with other abilities. Let each one have their own mantra or something.

Dashing Strike - It's just too inaccurate with a 2 hander due to animation speed and the fact you take damage from ground effects you move through make it an ineffective tool for avoiding damage. Cool concept though and if it actually worked better for avoiding damage I'd replace Seven Sided Strike since I don't need SSS for damage anymore since the Wave of Light buff.

Lashing Tail Kick - I've been kicking around an idea for using Spinning Flame Kick with a Stone of Jordan, Skull Grasp, and Mara's Kaleidoscope to reduce the cost of the skill to 15 spirit. I would barely need a spirit generator in my current setup if I could actually find the gear, but I can't even search Lashing Tail Kick on those pieces since LTK cost reduction is a weapon-only affix on rares, and it would be even harder to find those pieces with decent stats. Without the cost reduction, it's not nearly as efficient as Empowered Wave.
arcane torrent. just too long of a delay in casting it to first strike of the missiles

Skills I don't use I would like too. Any of the 2 min skills, either too long time between recharge, or too short a time even if I just use for elites.

Sacrifice, I like it, it can be strong, but too many skills and equipment to make it effective, that weaken everything else.

Bears: godly powerful and awesome...but so many places where they are useless like stairs where they can't do anything because they get caught.

wall of zombies, it's nice but not found it helpful most times, pile on I'm told is great, but seems too hit and miss.

Skills I use, but don't like as currently. Grusome Feast/soul harvest, I like their power and DPS...but it's frankly stupid to give a ranged class buffs that require melee range.
angry chicken
Revenge...god, just give me one more skill
Huge Toad...

btw, I use weapon throw all the time, its probably the best barb attack when you gotta dip out for a minute when a situation is just too hot for whirlwind.

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