Your favorite skills you dont use (and why)

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Ray of Frost. Because it doesn't pass through mobs.
shock pulse - fire bolts. it could be so good. you could combine it with the fire damage passive.
but its not useful cause it has very low attackrange and random attack directions.although it has been buffed in weapon damage, the skill will stay useless for a range class.
Wave of Force, the fact that you can reflect enemy projectiles is awesome!
Arcane Orb - Celestial Orb.

It reminds me of Frozen orb, my one true love.

I don't use it though because:

a) it's damage is terrible.
b) it costs way too much AP for its respective damage.
c) it's proc coefficient it terrible.

Low proc coefficients are the reason that so many wizard skills are underused. When you've got 20 AP on crit and you crit, you should get 20 AP regardless of which skill it was imo.

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