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After i reached level 60 with my first character and had him geared proper I figured that was that. Then we were blessed with paragons! 100 more levels, but theres something missing. theres no gear we need to level toward. really our only incentive to level past 60 or so is the designs around our portraits. I understand monster level determines item level, and there arent paragon monsters out there... but it could work, the highest lvl monster has an extremely low chance of dropping say.. a paragon 20 legendary if youre paragon 20-29. IMO it'd add a bit more flavor to the game. hell make the items account bound to prevent a ruckus.

**i know the players who have reached absolute perfection with their gear could take issue with something like this.** but who cares
They already said they want paragon levels to be an option for the player not a requirement.

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