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Here are the ones I think are "Necessary"
  • Class Specific Items should not roll Attributes which are not useful to their class. No more 1h Xbows with Strength or Might Weapons with Intelligence.
  • Weight the chance for each attribute to drop on items based on the class that item drops for. Out of the 3 "damage" attributes (Intelligence, Strength and Dexterity), a monk should have a roughly 40% chance to roll dex, and a 30% chance to roll Intelligence or Strength on an item that drops for them. More extreme chance distributions are possible (say 60% main stat, 20% for each off stat). The idea is that you will find more upgrades for the class you are playing than for other classes. If you want to farm Barb upgrades, play your barb.

These changes would simply be Nice
  • Give us a little "Lock Slot" Icon in the inventory page, clicking this would swap your cursor to a new one which would allow you to "Lock Slots" on both equipped items and items in your inventory. Items locked in this fashion cant be sold, salved, swapped, dropped, or anything else of that nature.
  • Give us an in inventory salvage button as well, I dont want to have to troop over to the blacksmith to salvage anything, I should be able to do it on the field. People already ignore most drops because selling them is too tedious and time consuming compared to the item's value, placing another tedious activity in the way isn't going to help matters either.
  • Consider a "Salvage All" option as well, players can use the "lock slot" on things they want to keep, then salvage all to cover everything else, and get on with the slaughtering.
  • Let us Identify All as well, seriously, I dont want to be offensive but we've been asking for this since the game came out. Identifying items is just a pain. There is a bit of the "oooh, I wonder what I'll get" feeling in the very beginning of the game, but disappointment has burned that away and now the anticipation is entirely gone.

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