Help getting better EQUIPMENT?

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I'm having trouble improving my gear. I was hoping to get some help from the veterans out there. Obviously the game prohibits me from building or finding great items. I Never have found anything better than I can buy.

When I go to the Auction House, I enter in my minimal ratings on any given piece of equipment and nothing come up better. or nothing but a blank page..... Now I know I don't have very good equipment. Even when I remove some attributes I get nothing, whether it be cash or gold Auction.

Any suggestions?

Seeing as any kind of d3 mod being found to be used by you can get you banned, I would disregard what DeadRu just posted. As for ways to find new gear, I would take about 30 off your main stat parameters, and get rid of all the extra stuff that isn't really "needed" on that particular gearslot.
I appreciate your information.

Ive never received even a single legendary drop,, not one. 80+ hours... I figured with all the time I put in it would have been worth at least one good item. Ive spent millions in gold but not able to really get anything too great.

I appreciate all the information.

craft the new ammys, bracers, and gloves.

i went like 400ish hours without finding a legendary. rng is rng :\

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