20m PvP reward: 2v2 lvl 10 DemonHunters

We are hosting some simple PvP using lvl 10 DH on HardCore.

Here is 1v1 test match:


Looking for anyone else that would like to make a lvl 10 DH and try some duels. Now that we have hosted several 1v1 matches we want to try a 2v2 team match.

For this 2v2 match I am also adding a 20m reward for the winning team.

Skills: everyone using the same build
1. Caltrops - no rune
2. Vault - no rune
3. Entangling shot - no rune
4. Impale - no rune
5. Passive - tactical advantage

Gear: we just use a few pieces from the vendor so everyone is equal.

Add my tag if you want to play some matches.

What they need to make is an arena where nobody can go in the middle. You can see your opponent from across the screen, and you have to shoot projectiles at them. So you can dodge (manually) and shoot.Like Dodgeball!
Still looking for more, we can help anyone quickly create a lvl 10 DH.
That video makes my head hurt

It made dueling look fun though
Added a new video of a 1v1 test match.
Still looking for more to try 2v2
update: added in a 5m reward to find some friendly competition
open for more attempts
Two people have defeated me for the rewards, going to add more for competition.

All you have to do is make a level 10 DH and contact me in game.
If i go level a dh now i can play with you when i get to lvl 10? :)
good games Danas and Tsauroth.

we did some 1v1 and FFA with 3 people.

Looking for more.
I have added in a reward for a 2v2 match.

If you do not have a teammate you can just join solo and find someone else in the game.
I'm all about it bro let's do this I get off work soon in few hours and I'll be on with my level 9 hunter and we can duel when I reach 10 add me kidbrandon#1134
Kochi hit me up when you're doing this again, last time was pretty fun
Will try to do it this weekend.
I'd love to give this a shot. Don't really care about the gold. Just looking for some fun.

added, looking for more

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