Is it just me ? [MAC problems]

Mac Technical Support
So after a rocky start I managed to be able to play at around 25 fps circa patch 1.04-5. Now I can't get in to double digits. I have a mid 2010 macbook pro nvidia gt330m i7 dual core 4gb ram. More than enough to play ....i think . Is it just me or are there other mac users with similar problems ..or is it just my laptop being cranky either way Its really annoying. i play WoW hassle free on a mac for years anyone have any pointers
Theres actually a technical support forum just for mac (osx). You might wanna post it in that forum for better help.
I have the exact same specs as OP, and have been actively complaining within the OS X forum for months.
there s no use , nobody hears the compalints. In the end I gave up and installed windows 7 on bootcamp and was reborn...

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