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BIS can now be crafted.

Following items not worth picking;


Thank you Blizzard for making my 1.3 bil gold collection in good amulets worthless overnight. Great amu's can now be bought sub 10 mil on AH. Thank god it did not cost 100's of hours playing - that would be a shame.

I wish you many nice things :P !

BOA was a good idea.

/sarcasm off
.....and if it didn't happen now then it would have with the expansion. I mean seriously man gear devalues in games like this all the time. I don't understand why in the hell this new to you people.
Lets all point and laugh at all the people that were hoarding items.

How many flippers had huge stashes of items they bought up trying to control a market and are now dropping rapidly in value?

A lot.

It wasn't BoA that killed your economy. It was 1.05 having been out for months.

Happens with everything. As an example, take out 65 AR IK helms used to be worth ~300m in 1.04. Then when 1.05 hit, the priced dropped instantly to 100m. And now? They're worth 15m.

There's just not enough demand to keep prices high. True, BoA decreases the demand even more, but its not like this fall in prices wasn't already happening.
How are those item slots not worth anything? Shouldn't they be worth what it cost you to craft the same slots?? You can spend millions...hundreds of millions crafting and not get anything. The problem with the economy is from not enough players playing... and the ones that are playing have limited characters with very limited builds and all use the same gear... hell most players share gems from character to character... probably gear too... there is no demand for any gear other than the typical CD/CC/IAS stuff... and even that demand/affordability is limited.
02/18/2013 01:46 AMPosted by prod
my 1.3 bil gold collection in good amulets worthless overnight

I still want to know why they havnt been sold if they are that good?
Fall in price from 500m to zero overnight is not a small drop.

This game is also about trading. You realize how HARD it is to FIND a trifec + basestat amulet in this game? It's insane. So when you actually FIND one it should be worth something (a lot actually) - NOT 10m gold. 10m gold is zero man... it comes nowhere close to the actual value / efford to find it.

02/18/2013 01:52 AMPosted by FromtheAshes
Lets all point and laugh at all the people that were hoarding items.

You mean the people who are actually actively playing this game, finding items, trading them spending their efford to keep the game going. Yes lets laugh at them and slap them in the face with BOA items. Sure.

BOA killed the economy on all the slots you can craft them for.
02/18/2013 02:03 AMPosted by prod
This game is also about trading.

sounds like OP made a bad call speculating on the AH and it came around to bite him. Nothing to see here folks. Bad player is bad.
02/18/2013 02:05 AMPosted by XSteelX

Mental issues?
Sell your worth on RMAH, Buy a new game....
02/18/2013 02:06 AMPosted by prod
Mental issues?

Wait your asking me if I have mental issues when youre the one trying to put a tangible price on a fictitious and pixelated item, while acting like the crazy red necks on the Discovery Channel..

And youre asking me if I have mental issues?
02/18/2013 02:13 AMPosted by mikeab7925
stop playing and get a job.
I have a good job, thank you, and am a father too.

The problem is that BOA items are BETTER than what you can find and are easier to craft than to actually find. Both should be equal at least to be fair to everyone.

Blizz is just trying to keep 'I don't have much time so I whine because I never get a good drop' people.

The BOA system right now is just a temporary gold sink, band-aid fix which just causes bigger problems down the line. You just watch, soon youre going to see posts that 'nothing sells for a good value anymore!!!' 'AH is dead!' and so on.

If you cannot see the failure in this current system then youre just blind because youre happy that you can have BIS gear through crafting instead of the efford some people have put into getting it.

So yes, people who played the game a lot to GET those items are angry, if you cannot understand that I am just sorry for you.
i dont craft this boa stuff cause see no point in it, my char got his equip.

No point to BOA if i could at least trade them i'd try my luck...

Ppl used to have freedom to trade all and everything in diablo games, blizz takes out every freedom we had in d2, random matchmaking everywhere, a "forever alone"-lobby, more and more BOA, hostile, travel between acts(a to 1 etc), force us to follow story over and over.......and so much more
This thread makes me laugh.
Bracers were worthless before the patch even, if they weren't lacunis, they weren't nothing.
Ammys did have the bottom cut out from them.
BIS armors will always be the set armors for the bonus aspect.
Shoulders is now a toss up between VWs, good rares and BOA ones.
02/18/2013 02:56 AMPosted by mikeab7925
why should anyone care about the effort you or anyone put into gaming? you and like minded people killed your precious economy anyhow with your ridiculous profiteering through flipping and botting.

I hated AH from day-1. Blizz implemented this, not me.
Diablo is a TRADING game. Find items, trade items, play together (pve or pvp). You have not played D2.

AH, BOA, No character customization =/= Diablo

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