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02/18/2013 01:46 AMPosted by prod
my 1.3 bil gold collection in good amulets

you deserved every bit of it, and greedily hoarding those was a good idea.

/sarcasm off

except the "you deserved it" part.
The the Auction House is meant to supplement character development where needed for those who really need an upgrade that badly. Auction should not be the center of game play for this game.

This game is about the item hunt and crafting nice gear to help you destroy everything in your path. You should not have to farm for gold so you can buy ur gear, this is not World of Warcraft, its Diablo. I am glad they made this change.

In my opinion(which is shared by most), it is the AH that has destroyed much of the fun in terms of gear hunting, which is what this game is all about. Case in point, screw the auction house and to hell with it.
na son, outside of the people who cared about ladders and other perceived leet features of the game, those of us who didn't used hex editors to better the game. It was the mods of back in the day. You could call it cheating, but if the end result is to get the best gear. You can do that now, on Blizzards dime. You pay them $$$ you get gold or gear or whatever else you want when you want it. Same result as before. Cept now blizzards making a buck.
Basically another nerf thread.

1.07 Nerfs

Nerf #1.....Inflated price AH sellers and flippers

Nerf #2......Pay to win players who actually bought inflated price RMAH items or gold in the hundreds of millions or get what they thought were BiS items.

So if you still have any of that gold left....go fill all your sockets including that unsellable, "used to be godly", gear in your stash with marquise gems and sink some more gold out of this game....then you will be helping to fix the economy. On a side note you can un-socket gems free just by salvaging the item...the gem returns to your backpack.

(My $0.02 which was not acquired on the RMAH)
I know a few players who have never got an item worth over 20mil and have between 10k and 30k kills, so how do some people have hundreds of millions of gold to spend on a single item if its not from flipping?
The AH flippers are the ones driving the prices up the wall and now they crying about losing a few "hundred million" due to new patch... newsflash, every-time a new patch comes in the chance of items decreasing in value is high
The economy was screwed from day 1 with no limit on gold except for it being an Integer in the database.

The fact that people are selling items for hundreds of millions of gold it just beyond stupid!
02/18/2013 01:51 AMPosted by Maoxx
.....and if it didn't happen now then it would have with the expansion. I mean seriously man gear devalues in games like this all the time. I don't understand why in the hell this new to you people.

Agreed, I will use a different game and something that was not considered gear to prove the point.

The name of the game was City of Heroes. The issue that I will be talking about is issue nine. Which brought invention origin enhancements, costume recipes and the AH for that game.

Now there was a pair of dragon wings that I wanted for my main. Which at the time IIRC was around level 33. The level cap was 50, which btw never raised. Something that this game could copy, but that is a topic for another thread.

Now when dragon wings started dropping, everyone else got them first. I saw them in the AH for 10 million influence (gold). Now I had a small handful of ways to get those wings.

1. I could've waited until they dropped, which might've took a really long time.
2. I could've waited until I cracked the level cap, vendor the trash drops and the rest to the AH until while on my track to level 50. If I did not have more than the 10 million influence that I wanted. I could easily have earned about a million an hour just vendoring the common invention origin recipes.
3. I could've done a lot of teaming, which would've increased my chances to get the drop.
4. I could've teamed with my super group (guild) asking them for their help. But I would rather have earned it on my own. That is the type of player that I am. I love earning what I get in a game, instead of having it given to me on a silver platter.
5. I also could've farmed an area where the mobs would drop valuable crafting mats that could sell for millions a pop. Now this is what I done. I knew that one of the PvP areas had bosses that I could farm. Bosses that had a chance of dropping rare crafting mats that could sell for millions a pop. I knew if I got bored I could PvP to ease the boredom of farming.

The last way is the way I choose and had fun doing it. About 15-20 hours later I had the dragon wings that I wanted. Also I had helped others that I PvP'd with to farm for the influence they needed to get some things they wanted on the AH. By telling them about what I was doing. They liked the idea and they started using it.

Now you are wondering why I have told the above, Please bear with me a little longer.

About three months after I got the wings I went checking the prices again. Low and behold they dropped to around 100k influence. About six months later they dropped all the way to 10k influence, which btw was pocket change for any player of any level. So I could've waited six months and saved myself the headache of farming for the influence. But because I wanted them right away. Instead I figured out a way to use the tools that the game provide to get them earlier.

The same thing is happen here. Whether it is a patch or expansion none of the gear that we have will last forever. There will always be better gear to take it's place. Otherwise you will have zero progression. Zero progression could mean that players just will not play.
My 2 cents about this:
The vast majoraty of players doesnt give a !@#$ about the "economy"or the ah. As a legit player that never had more than a few millions, im happy to have the chance of getting good items for myself, without having to pay for overpriced items sold by botters/flippers/multiboxers.
Just another bad idea in a game full of bad ideas.
good this economy needs to be put down like old yeller and everyone should start trading in SOJ/Gems/brimstones

screw gold

Third lesson, Diablo is a game about hunting for better items. If getting new items that are better than the ones you already have makes you sad, you're playing the wrong game.

Funny you say that since this update was the first major step taken in removing the item hunt from D3. Please explain to me why you will ever pick up an amulet, glove, bracer, chest, or shoulder ever again.

I think you meant to say "Diablo is a game about hunting for crafting materials"

I will pick up those items for crafting materials, gold and for a chance it might be an upgrade for one of my characters.

Are you going to hunt for these crafting materials naked, or do you plan on having gear to find the stuff you need to craft these BOA items? So PART of the game is hunting for crafting materials, those materials are used to gamble on a better item. You make it sound like now a new player can just farm materials while wearing blue items, and within a week they'll have all BIS items. That's not the case.
Crafting is not going to kill the economy. Not all items will be Bis as they don't give stats like a good Tal Rasha with high int and attack speed or a lacuni bracer with AR and attack speed.

I made at least 40 ammies and the one I wear just resembles closely to a Tal Rasha ammy, but Bis Tal Rasha will beat any BOA account made unless you get perfect rolls on everything...
Because posting on my main account would invoke people checking my profile and going LOL @ x amount of elite kills scrub etc or hows about you get more inferno progression before posting etc

So you are happy that items should be selling for millions of gold? Why not Billions? Trillions?

level one wow avatars are a sure /ignore. I figure they are banned D3 players using a free wow pass to troll.

Why would they even be concerned about the economy?
Because posting on my main account would invoke people checking my profile and going LOL @ x amount of elite kills scrub etc or hows about you get more inferno progression before posting etc

So you are happy that items should be selling for millions of gold? Why not Billions? Trillions?

level one wow avatars are a sure /ignore. I figure they are banned D3 players using a free wow pass to troll.

Why would they even be concerned about the economy?

Why should you worry about what they have to say. I did not try to hide behind another avatar of another game. Even if I still played WoW or had an SC2 account I would not hide my battletag.

That idea of you do not have enough elite kills or you have not completed inferno. Is a tired strawman argument that players use when they know that they cannot defeat your argument. They attack your characters, your skills as a player or your build and gearing choices. Because they have run out of anything else to use against you.

Your argument has them in catch twenty two. If they say you are wrong, they know that others will tell them how wrong they are. And heaven forbid that they agree with you, which they would not want to do.
you are wrong.

Why 1.07 craft recipes won't kill the AH @

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