So I've started playing again, and I love the changes.

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But please, consider adding more item name colors.

For instance:

Right now an awesome crafted item looks boring (except of course for the stats on the item). Give crafted items a orange name like in D2. Having an awesome crafted item should be like wearing a medal, not like wearing a pumped up rare. Change the background color of the item too, that would look awesome.

Also, i think the background of a set item should be a different color than a legendary. If the original intention was for players to wear a patch work of legendary/set/rare items then the character sheet, I think, should reflect that.

Make gems, crafting materials, and crafting recipes all have a unique item color on the ground as well as in the inventory. Light blue is def a step in the right direction; but these items can still be over looked. I suggest a hugh of purple or red. (however, I feel fiery brimstone should remain a brown name item). It's nice to see "Plan: blah blah" in yellow...I think it would look cooler in red or purple and stand out a heck of a lot amongst the piles of magic items on the ground.

In addition to making items "pop" more changing up the color scheme of items would make the loot explosions even more colorful. Lets face it, colorful loot explosions are awesome.

I know no one likes to hear this game compared to it's predecesor but I'm going to do it anyway. One thing this game lacks that D2 had going on for it is the colorful loot explosions. Sure Mephisto's drop would probably have "Isenhart's Chest Plate" in it and maybe even a pair of "Mage Fist Gauntlets". They where throw away unique/set items...but unique/set items none the less.

Thanks for reading...
The other day, I got my first two solo set items drop...a Chantodo's Force and a Tal Rasha belt...nothing epic, but it was indeed really awesome to see different colors drop. Of course, it was in Act 4 in the Silver Spire and I had two to three massive elite packs on me at all times, took me a while to finally finish the battle, but I grabbed them and ID'ed immediately and was very pleased.

So...I agree, more colors dropping would be good. I get why the colors are what they are now, and even having to wait so long for said solo drops to finally appear, but yeah, a wider variety of NEW items (not just gear, but new crafting materials, new types of equipment, etc.) with different colors would be really awesome, for sure.

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