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Looking for some ideas to run with for a LAN involving brawling for myself + 3 friends. I've tinkered around with some ideas and searched all (two) pages of the forum here looking for ideas. All input is welcome ... primary reason is a night of fun with some drinking on the side.

Please keep in mind the 4 of us play varied amounts and have varied skill levels involving pvp and the game itself. Also, I'd prefer not to spend hours and hours leveling a new char that night to only then get to brawling.

1. Use current characters we have and strip their gear. Give each person a budget (200k? 500k? 1m?) to gear their char however they want from the AH. Then setup some sort of tournament and have at it.

2. Roll new characters and play together until lvl 15, or potentially lvl 20 or 30 and pvp with self-found items only. Again, input on the style of the tournament would be appreciated (1v1, FFA, teams? What have you guys done that's been fun with your buddies?)

One of my friends and I messed around for a few hours with #1 above only to find that its real easy to buy defense gear for cheap ... but not offensive gear, thus making fights long and boring. I just stacked AR, VIT, and REGEN and I was all but unkillable with the wizard I was using. I'm worried that we'd just have a turtlefest and that's not really fun either lol.

Again, all input is appreciated. Thanks!
If your interested in low level stuff, I have been doing this with lvl 10 DH:

When we had 3 people we tried some FFA and then did some 2v1. The 1 person tried to take out the 2 people with the least number of deaths (no potions for anyone). We then rotated who was the 1 and saw who could win with the least number of deaths.

You are right about defensive gear, it makes the brawl no fun but I am not sure how you would balance it between the classes.
If you all have lvl60 characters (all abilities available) it might be interesting to strip all gear and just have one weapon. This weapon could be (white or blue) provided by the merch in whatever town. If you are all the same paragon, then the DPS could be the same for each weapon. What may create an unbalance is the paragon. This adds +1 per off ability, +2 vit and +3 main ability per para level. I would suggest you use a 200 DPS base for the weapon. If para 0, then the weapon is all 200dps. Subtract 1DPS per para. So a para 25 would have a weapon that does 175dps and a para 100 would have a weapon that does 100dps.

I don't know about the other (build a charactor from scratch) idea. You may be spending more time than you want building than brawling (subject "Brawling LAN ideas").

You my want to sharpen skills by doing a 2v2 game and see if you do not hurt your comrad with friendly fire.

Lastly, aution house. I would set a budget of no more than 10,000 gp and see what happens. Some would only get 1 weapon. Some may get a weapon and some armor. At the end, you might take a break and alot another 10,000 or 20,000 gp to get more gear.
Also, I like the 2v1 battle idea. Maybe it could be played this way. One of you moderates (not part of the duel) that enters first. The moderator has one yellow item for each equip slot (except weapon) for the 1 in 2v1. The moderator then drops these yellow items throughout the play grid. The 2 enter 1 minute before the 1 only equiped in blue items. They take up positions at the fountain. The 1 enters with only a yellow weapon equiped. The 1 would have to have "auto-equip" checked so that when he/she picks up an item it automatically equips.

If you did this dropping legondaries around there are two problems. They have a beacon like quality and can be seen (I think since patch 1.07) on the map. The second problem, if the game cuts out or freezes for any reason before the 1 can pick up the legondaries, you may loose the legendaries still on the ground. Loosing yellows or blues is not a big cost.

This senerio I call, "Escape from Capture". You have just overpowered the guard at your holding cell and took his weapon. Where you spawn is the door out of your jail. You need to kill the two guards at the fountain in order to leave the area (go through the portal to safety).
I have posted 5 brawling ideas on this forum. They are called:

1. Escape from Capture.
2. Thuderdome.
3. The Hexed Church.
4. Knight In Shinning Armor.
5. Broken Arrow.

Take a look and see what you think.

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