PVP need to be improved. (Contructive thread)

In my opinion, PVP need to improve a lot.

Firstly, Is it possible that Scorched Chapel or PVP ground can be added as an area in Public game? with more option for PVP.

This way, PPl can chose that area in order to pick up PVP challenge. I feel awkward every time I announce "anyone up for PVP now in PVP chanel :(, It make me feel that i'm some sick ppl need to seek blood :(.

I just want to enter the area choose how many ppl in one fight and choose the type of PVP, and prepare stuff and skill and then rumble as soon as possible.

So, my advise is PVP need the separate access, standalone map or something, that way dev can add pvp feature more easily, such as a war, a battle what ever it make the pvp fun.

At least make PVP ground can be searched at public game first.
Another solution is, that you have a check box for brawling in the public game interface. When you check it, then it will be searching between brawling games.

The lack of searching brawling/pvp games and the ~6 people pvp chat is the hugest fail in this brawling.
It can be fun to play for 30 min between some farm runs, but to spent 20 mins to find someone in general chat /logging out/in several times to get another pvp chat and writing, looking for players, is just not 2013. WoW has matchmaking system, diablo has public game matchmaking, why can not use the same system for brawling?

It will be a little development, and the feature will be usable, not like now.
It will be a huge quality of life improvement, with little development time from blizzard.

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