Whats the next upgrade for the barb above you

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Is my turn to rate you, I see your next up grade would be anything to do with CC other than that you're a nice barb
Hmmm. Bust out the dual wield and go double nado.

Str AR lacuni.

GG barb regardless.
Nice gears, I guess either upgrade your off hand or your vile ward
@Rize - Super nice gear! Maybe try to craft an ammy for a small upgrade?
Good gear, idk, lacunis with res all, more vit on chest and pants? ah! Mempo with more str or crit.
My dmg if buffed with battle rage and scoundrel, normally is 169k
Dont say cold soj i already have one, thx
CoisaRuim, next upgrade? I'd go for a Mempo with Crit. Good toon!
@Aetherhole.... you damn duch :D I WANT YOUR GEAR hehe

not much to say its completly insane.... the natalya set is a smart thing! Good thinking :D
cant view guy above me and aether cant really tell you what to upgrade since your barb is 100 times better then mine
@ Talmage: IK belt for 2pc and a bit of lifesteal.
Havnt played since 1.0.4 not sure whats viable lol... sorry for no rating -.- please rate on current play :)
Gloves with attack speed

Weapon with socket

New ring with attack speed
A lot better skorns on the market for not too much, easy dps boost.
whoops this is a upgrade not rate thread... my bad... thanx though ill check that out when i get home... nice barb btw renard

I noticed your Lacuni's and Hellfire have zero crit chance. I'd recommend purchasing Lacuni's with crit chance and a nice rare with as much as you can get on it. Cheers.

Im not sure why, but you are wearing a Tal Rasha chest. Swapping that out for a decent IK chest should prove useful for your vit, str, and resists.

I believe you should upgrade your amulet and bracers to something with critical hit chance. The new craftables seem to be the way to go.

You're crit chance is really low, need to replace ammy and/or bracers.

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