Received New AH Purchase but not OLD purchase

Technical Support
For some reason about 12 hours ago I Bought an Inna's Temperance for 38m(Order ID: 1373027849) Via Gold Auction house
it never was sent to my completed tab, although i closed d3 logged back in and 2 mins later I bought an Mempo and i received it right away? Then just now I have made purchases from Auction house and received them right away.

I Don't see how AH is going to catch up with people purchases they haven't received when Auction house is running as and how it should now and 2 mins after I purchased the Inna's Temperance

If auction house needed to catch up wouldn't I have to wait to received my Mempo and Brimestones that I Purchased after my Inna's Temperance is Lost in Transaction, Money is gone, item is lost. Now what?


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