Ways to improve Diablo 3:

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Introduce Balanced PvP.

The current system (brawling) is a step in the right direction. However, it’s not balanced and it was shoved in the patch in a hurry and frankly terrible.

The game is not replay able.

How many people out there who play Barbarian have an additional Barbarian? Blizzard you know the answer for that one better than I do. It can be said about all other characters.

Currently there is no need to roll the same character twice or more due to the fact the skills/stats are auto allocated, which is very wrong. To solve this people must have the option to allocate their own stats/ skills once and permanently once they reach inferno mode. Or at the very least select the skills they which to play with forever once they hit inferno or level 60.

Make all legendary items worth it.

Currently most legendary items that drop are useless and people just salvage them into brimstones, which are also useless. To solve this issue, introduce an event based on selling the brimstones to vendors to merchants (just like Diablo 2 did with Stones of Jordan) with results for Uber Diablo fight and an annihilus charm with same stats (account bound). However, Uber Diablo only spawns in the selling game not the selling server.

Benefits of doing so will be make all legendary items worth it, provide a gold sink for those who which to buy brimstones from AH. Increase the price of gold.

Allow players to create their own public games.

Enough said on this one.

Create chat channel like Diablo 2.

The social aspect of the game is dead and people are like mute. I love to hang out in the lobby and talk to others about the game. Battle net 2.0 took that away from players. Why?

Best of luck.

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