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Demon Hunter
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I got to thinking while bored at work, what about using a 1h sword. Well I remembered Sever having rest in pieces and an open socket. That got me hooked. Sever with 1089 dps with 1.4aps and 40% damage muliplier. So I did it, turned it into 1403 dps monster. I went home for a bit to try it out. I don't have all my skill tree in there yet but, MP5 was easy mode.

I just started hashing this out, time for lunch and then bbl for more thoughts into this.

Normal Crits were 300k with Razor Disk and of course millions on killing blow.

Sword and board is back!!!


M1: Spike Traps: Echoing Blast
M2. Chakram: Razor Disk
B1: Shadow Power: Gloom
B2: Preparation: Focused Mind
B3: Sentry: Guardian Sentry
B4: Marked for Death: Grim Reaper

Passives: Steady Aim, Perfectionist, Nightstalker

Believe me, I was on MP7 and just decimating everything. White mobs were like 2 seconds to die. Elites maybe 15-30 seconds. Key is to pop Sentry, then Gloom, then prep, then Spike Trap, mark the closest enemy to the trap, while spamming Razor Disk. Keep gloom up and replace traps as they expire, always mark new targets.

The amount of damage I was doing was just sick, it looked like I was a Barb with numbers flying all over the place. I was just amazed myself.

I actually think I like MfD better on M1 and ST on B4.
Sword demon hunter! GG.

Also, quick question about marq gems...
If they're account bound, are the gears that have marq gems in them account bound as well?
Yes, but only as long as the gem is socketed.
No marked for death/grim ripper rune? I thought that would be the whole point of using a sever with a DH.
It's in there now, along with -10 to chakram from SoJ and Embrace. Free Chakram!!! Skill slots are pretty solid now, just debating on the last one right now.

This build is amazing. It becomes just making sure your discipline can stay filled.
Hahaha! Well played! ;D
Another cool thing is that it can crit a killing blow even while they have half life left and it doesn't kill them... I'm telling you it only cost me 25m to get the 4 new pieces I needed for this build and it blows my Windforce and calamity builds out of the water.
Once I sell some stuff on AH, I will build this more. I'm thinking some LoH would work well, maybe a Shield with CC on it.

The idea is to have Gloom up the whole time. Adding LoH will help with keeping life pool up. As it stands, keeping Gloom up is basically keeping me full at all times, having crits beyond 20m will fill them quick. But having the LoH means I could save myself from having to spam Gloom. Right now, I never even touch my Hatred pool. Because of this, I'm seriously thinking of using Spike Traps instead of companion or fan of knives.

Any suggestions? Should I be using a different Chakram rune? Proc rate on Razor Disc is only .25 where others are higher. What do you all think for other skills? Do you have any gear suggestions you think would help?

Impale is another skill I could use, but for AoE damage Chakram I believe wins. Awareness looks like a cool rune but getting that to be free on hatred forces a lot of changes.

Being able to just stand and spam is just amazing, this absolutely kills my Frost Arrow build, and you all know I like to be different.
Do you have a video? I never seen a melee style DH.
That's something I can look into, I never really thought of it. Although I came up with the idea at work and have just ran home during breaks to make it happen. Hopefully I'll get some time this weekend and I'll make a video.

BTW, Holy Marquise!!!
Sometimes I wonder whether you're trying to manipulate the market of cheap legendaries like Frostburns and Sever. Did you buy a bunch of them cheap, flip them, and hope to make a killing when we all try your goofy schemes? :)

(This is just tongue-and-cheek, and I'm sure what you're saying is true. Would love to see a video when you've perfected the build.)
I'm not like that. I am Goofy I'll give you that.

To me it's all about trying something new. Got frustrated because if I wasn't in a group I struggled with Windforce and Calamity. I have over 500m in 2 weapons and for what? So I tried the Sever. It was like 15m, it wasn't the best I could get but it was cheap. I only had 35m in account for this switch.

This build limits me to certain skills but I have a lot of fun and don't have to worry about being 1-shotted. Honestly, I hope the market stays low, so that when I sell some stuff, I can upgrade more. I would like to maximize everything I can. More DPS, HP, AR, Armor, etc...

35m wasn't enough for an upgrade to my old build so I said, let's try something different.

Besides all that, I'm clearing content faster, this thing does some serious damage.
i think if you like sever you make go barb or monk.. it's not effictive with DH really - i tried... mp5 echoing blast if far more superior from this sever build
@Radelon i leveled my second dh as a melee then switched to one handers when she was 60

Good call on the sever. Fun wep.

Ditch the boar and run a turret guardian shield. More damage, great protection. Forget steady aim. You melee now! If u got a cold soj, run cull the weak cuz your main target will always be cold snared...

Get some crit on that shield yo! :P

Melee is fun tho!
Ooo! shameless Cluster Grenade spec plug!
I am testing this with very cheap versions of your gear, and so far I must say it's a blast watching whole piles of dudes blow up when your marked guy dies.

Will be working on this and tweaking all weekend. Thanks for the idea and inspiration.

Oh, I will say I missed Vault too much to not have it, getting walled or jailed in the wrong spot in melee range was not working so hot.
can you explain exactly what the sever bonus is?
When u deal the killing blow to the bastard its a million damage on that hit if I'm not wrong.
Killing Blow Crits for a ton, the last hit that kills a mob auto crits for a absurd amount. Highest I have seen so far with my gear (not great) is 5 million.

12% of 5 million in a 20 yard AOE.

I think they put the mechanic in as a joke, leave it to Radelon to make it into a fun (and potentially OP) build.
Actually was not playing close enough attention. Getting 5-7.5 Million pretty consistently.

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