Serious lag/stalling since latest patch

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I am experiencing a serious lag and stalling in gameplay since the latest patch update went live. I cannot get anywhere now as my all of characters stall and then immediately die when the game jumps forward from the lag/stall. This is not a connection problem as it has not happened before now; and has happened every single time I have signed on and tried to play since the 1.07 patch update; regardless of which character I use, day of the week played; or even time of day
The people in the technical support forum ( ) may be able to help you diagnose the problem.
thanks for the advice Spherix; but alas it was a bust there. The only thing I found out is that I am not the only one experiencing this problem since the 1.07 patch went live. There has been no word from from tech support about this problem. While I understand that fixing a problem can take time; they haven't even acknowledged that the problem exists despite the multitude of complaints on it.
just a curious question since i with many others are experiencing the same problem and i have contacted tech support several times and afte trying updating video card bios and wireless adapter the discovery is that i have 4 gb ram installed but only have 1.39 available if others can ck theirs and repost it would be most helpful as i believe the lastest patch is using more ram

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