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Demon Hunter
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Ive been doing this build for the past 3-4 days when i read about it and i love it and i don't honestly know when ill return to my other build, 259kdps SOJ Calamity tanking Build. Most people farm on lower Mp's, so this build is something that can be used and did i mention this build is NOT using SHADOW POWER, mp3 capable. You can however, but i was hardly ever using SP, so i fit spike traps in which makes runs so much faster.

Sever Build
Passive Vengeance, Grenadier(or perfectionist also viable), and TA
Skills, Impale over penetration, Spike trap scatter, Grenade tinkerer, Vault tumble, Prep focused mind, and M4D grim reaper.
Small background incase you don't know how the build works. Sever does a massive damage when they die from 20mil-90mil on my build. Grim reaper divides that attack to the enemies in the marked area.

Impale white damage to enemies in the Grim Reaper circle ranges from 800k-2mil, Impale to marked enemy which ranges from 10-30mil+
Scatter white damage to enemies in the Grim Reaper circle ranges from 2-5mil, Scatter to marked enemy which ranges from 20-60mil+
Grenades white damage to enemies in the Grim Reaper circle ranges from 500k-700k, and the CD upon death ranges from 1-8mil crit
Also seems that with scatter if the traps are set tighter to each other i get 2 crit numbers(different numbers) from 1 mob thats marked, so im wondering if thats causing me to get inconsistant number damage to enemies in the circle.

This is a very mobile and kiting build a lot of vaulting around as well on the map, a lot of micro. i dont have to much problems w/ discipline and i am not using nightstalker, health globes are your best friend, and Prep. The way i play is set a trap, 1.2 sec delay lets me react who i want marked throw out some impales, but sometimes i do the other way around; Mark, traps, impale. Impale overpenetration is what i use most of the time, so im still unsure if i should be using the SOJ impale 5- hatred in my stash or the current one in my build for more dps to traps. Grandees are primarily for hatred regen. Passives Vengeance or grenadier can be switched out. Leave health globes behind you dont need incase you start kiting backwards. Pickup radius would also help.

For elites, If there are white mobs around i mark and kill them first if the elite pack is in the Marked area. Ive taken them down very quickly sometimes one shotting them. i kinda rely on dodging and blocking cuz i tank for a short period to lure them int he marked area using traps traps to kill the marked man, then vault away and kite with impale and repeat. Im still unsure if im affecting by reflect in this tactic, it doesn't look like i am.

So how do i deal with reflect directly, having so much health, armor and resist really does help. Some i am i able to just keep impaling and they just die, depending on elites i single out an elite and impale that one, scatter does a lot of damage and takes away more health but i still lay them down depending on the situation. One health pot really goes a long way vs a reflect elite.

Different playstyle
Huge Number scattered on the field being put out
fast & effective gameplay
Test skills as a DH
If you get elites lined up right you can kill them in one shot when marking a white mob.
Still find a bunch of Legs, best so far 3cc mempo, 170 dex, the boots that im wearing now, and a 1200dps socketed echo.

Not really suggested for group play. Interesting to see 2 DH doing the same build. if you wanted Group play it should be at mp0-1so you can get the kill more often to get the big crit.
Not as efficient as some other builds, definitely not slow though.
Mp3 is where im stuck/comfortable, mp4 is a bit more challenging.
Have to have high EPH or good gear, last time i check d3up i was at 450EHP, and i think you need a pretty good shield to survive.
L/Sec currently at 400, definitely need more or life/hit will help also.
You dont kill every mob on the field. Aim for the biggest pack and vault and continue on.

I did alot of my testing on the bridge to know where i stand on mp's
Ive faced every elite in every act except act4. Know one really bothered me that much. Really depended on their affixes.
Of course i died at times but really during my runs i would really only die 1 or twice on rare occasions.
Awesome man. It's nice to see other builds popping up using the Sever. It's very lethal and viable. I need more AR, wanna get mine to 500. So then I'll have like 500/5000/50000 is my goal. I've played a lot with a build similar to yours but unsure if I like it. Really like chakram for it's range and the fact that its easy to manage.

Nice build man, I really like the change of pace and playstyle of the Sever builds.
i use to use the chakram build before so thats why i didnt want to go that route, but ill go back to that build one day for this build to see how i like it. I never used this kinda of setup so im enjoying it. a lot of skill to micro everything.
what mp are you on?
If I run about 60 more AR I can run MP10 solo and maybe die 1 time. Most of the time I'm running MP5-6 while watching TV.
I still had my chakram gear on me so i tried it. The problem i have with the chakram build is i get bored. i find my self hardly ever having to mark the enemy cuz the razor disks just seems to kill everything it is trajectory and having just one skill really is just meh....not a big fan of FOK. honestly i would just go back to a bow and use chakram.

eventhough im stuck at mp3 where as chakram i can go higher mp, My build really takes advantage of the Grim reaper damage. its hard to explain of the gameplay im encountering. i enjoy the micro of my build i think. Razor disks i wasn't seeing the higher white damage on grim reaper.

Ill always go to this build for mp3 and down, anything higher ill just go to the calamity.
Well if I can figure out how to do a video without killing my FPS then I will do it and show what I do. I'm remarking things all the time, wherever the biggest mob grouping is. It's kinda become second nature. I understand what you are saying though, Razor Disk is all over the place, but I sure do like it.
thanks Radelon for fathering the Sever craze and to chrono for the impale build.

when this is tweaked and becomes OP, I can already see the melee classes scream nerf at us ;)

(unless other classes have skills that distribute damage like our MFD?)

I found some older threads where this has been tried before, i.e.

I think the new ruby has made it something more than a novelty now though. I tried it out but couldn't really get the feel for who to mark, etc. Looking forward to seeing some videos. Thanks guys.


They can equip a Sever also, join us in group play and utilize our MfD also. Everyone in high uber group play always wanted me to have MfD but I never liked it with my old builds. Now I can't get enough with this setup. I wish I could mark everything on the map.
Is there a reason to use the Ruby over an emerald? I was checking and i can gain a decent DPS boost by switching to one of my Barbarian's Radiant Star Emerald.
I'm using Razor Disk AND Impale.

I don't understand the Ruby either- does the Sever deathblow ignore your CD stat and just use its own? Maybe Radelon knows...
lol its funny how i never even thought about putting in an emerald... i dont feel like spending 5 mil unsocketing it to see the difference.

radelon have you tried an emerald?
I unsocketed my Radiant Star Emerald from my Barb's off hand and I see a 2.5k DPS increase over my Radiant Star Ruby. My Critical Damage is lower than yours is DarkCrono so results could vary.

EDIT: On second thought, I am shooting myself in the foot since I am using Chain of Torment with a Cold SOJ and Cull the Weak and that bugger can't Critical Damage so losing 2.5k DPS is not as big a deal.
even if i put in a 110% emerald, i dont think itll be that big of a dps boost honestly. What im wondering is how the death blow crit is being calculated.
Its about average damage.... u need ur minimum numbers to be good too. U need constant damage because u already know u will have monster crits but u need to be able to get to the kill as fast as u can.
Does anyone know if the Sever crit is for a fixed amount that ignores your CD value?
I found some older threads where this has been tried before, i.e.

I think the new ruby has made it something more than a novelty now though. I tried it out but couldn't really get the feel for who to mark, etc. Looking forward to seeing some videos. Thanks guys.

That's interesting that they were talking about it before the game was even released, but it seem sit took like over a year before people are actually using it, LOL.
Just tried it. Wasn't effective for me. I have an easier time doing MP6 with a more viable build but it was fun to try out.
This is interesting, reminds me of the old tank days using grenades.

With my current build, is it possible to go up to MP9 or 10 if i swap to Sever? I am most comfortable in MP7 now with my calamity build. I am at about 210 to 215k dps with my rare ring instead of hf ring and with archery.

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