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I know that Infernal Machine has 3 realms : Realm of Discord, King Leoric and Maghda guard the Royal Crypts
Realm of Chaos, Ghom and Rakanoth defend the Larder.
Realm of Turmoil, Siege Breaker and Zoltun Kulle protect the Edge of the Abyss.
I wonder if the D3 team will make a new realm where will fight Belia, Azmodan and Diablo guard the Royal Palace and to get there you need a new portal device. To get that new device you have to buy the plan to make it , you have to buying from the Act II mercenery girl it will cost 5.000.000 gold or will drop from The Archivist Act II . Now you learn the plan to create it you will net the old portals device all 3 and the infernal staf of herding to creat it will cost 1.500.000 gold
The Rewards will be a amulet like the Hellfire Ring known as The Fallen Star .
Three pieces will be needed to forge the The Fallen Star:
The Star dust, which drops from Bellia
The Spark of light, which drops from Azmodan
The Diablo's Eye, which drops from Diablo

After you have the ingredients to forge will cost 10.000.000 gold.The Fallen Star Amulate:
+200–280 Strength/Intelligence/Vitality or Dexterity
+30% Experience
+20% Magic Find
+5 Random Magical Properties
No Level Requirement
Bind on Account
sounds great..lol

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