help with monk!

i love monks there pretty much amazing anyways ima gear my monk, and just wanted to know what a good budget was for a good monk! not crazy good just average
What MP levels you intent to play your monk?

I suggest you go with the fire resist stacking on OwE since your shoulder is very good, your glove can roll better stat.
Sharing the inna pants & The Witching Hour with your wizard would be nice.
next is to complete a 2-piece inna set bonus with the cheapest from head - inna radiance with 50+ fire res. If you can afford a mempo with CC, go for it.
for the chest, if you are on a mempo, get the inna chest, otherwise you can either go for BoA, BT, or even tal rasha that rolled dex.
boot and ring is pretty much nat 2-piece.
another ring slot can be varied between hellfire/unity/litany
craft a 5%CC+ bracer or if you can afford a lacuni with CC, go for it.
weapon choice is rather complicated, Won Khim Lau (WKL) + Echoing Fury (EF) combo is favourite but is expensive to get good roll.

ultimately aim the following minimum stats:
35-40k hp/35%CC/350%CD/35%IAS/600AR/5k armor/3%LS/300LoH

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