Taking forever for an upgrade lol

saving for a 6.0 mempo sucks farming everyday but the road to 300k dps is a long one.
I wish you all the best man :D

Big kudos earning and saving ingame without external input! ^_^
been farming a month and a half but better to get it free then lose real life cash.
good luck! took me 3 months of vendoring before i find a big enuff lotto ticket to fund my nat ring. But it is worth it.
Yup I know the feeling, havent bought anything for myself in ages, only for business (flipping) purposes.

Thought I am at the verge of an upgrade soon, I should have 400M coming in from a sale soon enough, takes me to slightly under a B!

Wondering whether I should get a good CD EF or 5CC Mempo. Currently leaning towards the EF as it provides more DPS/gold spent, and I dont mind the fear but I cant live without that -70 SW cost.

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