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Witch Doctor
Are the set bonuses from Manajuma's worth while, or is there a better option for my source at the moment?

Pretty new to the WD, but I had found some decent gear playing on my Wiz, so I pushed my WD up to 60 and I kind of enjoy the challenge.

Obviously, the Int bonus from the set is good, but what about the poison cloud in conjunction with Bad Medicine? Basically it means I'm taking 20% less damage from all but ranged attacks, right? Is it worth while?

I seem to have enough mana regen to run Bears for a good bit, but I haven't found a main attack I really like, nor have I really worked out a full skill set and passives that I really enjoy, but it's fun playing around with different combinations.
Unless you ready to upgrade to a mojo with crit chance (which will give you a good DPS boost) you might as well stick with what you have for the set bonuses, as they are nice at your level.

Bad Medicine is 20% less damage from a monster you hit with poison before they hit you. So with your set bonus - poison cloud, monsters that melee you will be poisoned but monsters that hit you from range will of course not be poisoned.

You have some life on hit from your amulet. I suggest you try rain of toads (RoT) as your main attack. It's a ranged, area of effect skill, that can stack. Plus it is poison, and it is one of our best skills for proccing life on hit.

Future Upgrade - You might like the Thing of the Deep mojo. About 8% crit comes standard and it has 20ft of pickup radius. Then you could use the two passives GI + GF, which is a great combination for lower MP.
Thanks, I was running with RoTs earlier, but swapped over to the spiders just to try it out.

I was worried about mana regen, and losing the reduction to cast bears from my mojo, but I picked up a decent TotD and swapped my passives per your suggestion and it actually worked out better. I didn't get a real boost from the crit hit chance, thanks to losing the Int passive from the set bonus I had, but with the increased pick up range and passive tweaks, my DPS really picked up from buffs while in combat.


Oh, I had so much mana, I skipped RoTs all together and used Acid Cloud and Bears as my two main attacks.

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