hey Chucknorris,Skywalkerfx help me upgrade

Witch Doctor
Hey ive been following both of your guy's<- figure your guys. Gearing and post's and want to thank you for the good you do in the community.

But what im here for is your all opinion on what i should be upgrading and in what order lets say my 3 worst items.
Ive been doing the chicken build was bored of my standard bears/pets build its way faster at para lvling.
i know my belt sucks kinda i have a real nice rare with same stats but no PU range but almost 500armor. can a belt be that hard to find seems to be for me.
i can roll all the way to mp 7-10 with my high armor pants and belt and pets build and live but its so slow to kill and of course that messes with my mana.

speed build is great fun in Pub's though nothing like running ahead of the ww Barbs hehehehe

for para farming im doing mp1 fast for drops i change build and gear and do mp5 with reg pets build.
So I guessI just need some smart peeps advice. thx to everyone who reads and helps.
I would recommend some upgrades.. but since I am neither skywalkerfx or ChuckNorris... It seems my advice might not be taken to heart. I wish you the best of luck.
Yea ...
I don't know why I am offended by this, but I am, Anyhow.
Worse 3 items belt amulet gloves
and that's the order i'd upgrade them in.
op you should not underestimate the value of the advice you get from other less prominent members of the wd forums.

and I should give a warning to any one copying my gear or builds you see in my profile. I have many full sets of different gear I use for different purposes, mainly for very specific matchups in pvp. Often this gear/build will be a terrible choice for any type of farming, as well as a bad choice for pvp in a general sense.
Yes sry folks i didnt mean it in a bad way at all. I appreciate
Anyones help really is appreciated.
02/23/2013 01:32 PMPosted by ChuckNorris
I have many full sets of different gear I use for different purposes

That is a sign of a good WD, and probably the biggest difference between how WD is played and how every other class is played.
op you should not underestimate the value of the advice you get from other less prominent members of the wd forums.


i don't know why i'm offended by this, but i am lol
Grow some skin wieners.

You need more VIT for higher MP. Amulet is one decent place, pants is another place, but then you'd need to get lacuni prowlers and a rare pants. If you can get a decent zuni chest with more VIT, that too.

Your Life on hit could be higher, but I'm not sure if it's an issue if you full heal with only life steal.

You'll also need a way to make mana. Replace Grave Injustice while experimenting; I suggest experimenting with spiders widowmakers + VQ, Spirit Barrage + Rush of Essence. Try blood ritual in place of SA, if you don't notice a difference, then BR is probably better since it has life regen.

SoJ with -cost to zombie bears is probably the biggest DPS upgrade for you. The damage vs elites is really good.

A while back with essentially equivalent gear (I had a life on hit skorn instead), I was able to do MP8 with pets, acid rain, and RoT, very slowly. The only problem is with enemies who could one shot my dogs, even after I summon them with horrify double armor bonus. (btw, if you summon a pet while horrify double armor bonus is up, they keep it for life)

Plug your character into and you can compare gear/stats/etc:

My profile, for example: (see DPS vs elites for SOJ example)
My post was just very sarcastic. I wasn't offended in the least.... just thought the OP's post was funny mentioning sky and chuck specifically. Usually we get the normal 'help me with my build and gear' posts... but this one was a bit unique so I had to comment :)
Hey we all are one big happy family of crazy people here, and I personally think you all do a good job giving advice -- even when we don't agree with each other. :P

Kudo's to all posters and helpers of fellow WDs.

Everyone please continue to help.

@WhiteBrandon - There really is only a couple of ways to go on a belt. A really good rare (witch I haven't seen), Witching Hour (highest DPS increase), or Blacthorne's (best when matched with Blackthorne's pants, good for more eHP).

You really need to up your DPS to go MP7+, kill rate is very important for survival. Kill rate is very important for GI to work correctly, plus you need 10 feet or more of pickup radius which you currently have. So if you rely on GI in higher MP without a good kill rate it will not work so well.

You really will not get the full benefit of your LS Skorn until you get over 100K DPS. LS works much better past the 100K mark.

AS MCP has already said, you need more vitality and plus health for higher MP.

You have no primary skill for when you run out of mana, so you might want to add widowmaker spiders as was already suggested.

Another good ring is a Liitany. You can get high int, allres, crit,CD, and reduce elite damage.

-- My gear is Proc doctor gear, and I do change it quite often to experiment with different skills and gear items.
So it is best to just ask if you are stuck on something and you will get plenty of help.
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