Settings reseting when I exit the client.

Mac Technical Support

When I exit my game client and restart the game I have to re-enable Monster Power selection, change my graphics settings (turning off shadows and the resolution of the game) and lastly put my game back into Windowed instead of full screen.

Is there something I need to change on my Mac or is this a client problem? This is a fresh download form my account after 1.07. My Mac is the 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display (2.6GHz Quad i7, 16GB RAM, NVidia GT650M 1GB DDR5 GPU)

Thanks in advance if you have some advice.

~ Lonk
This seems like a permission setting issue :(

Can you reset your game folder permissions and see if it helps?

If it doesn't let me kn ow, and we can proceed further.

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