Biggest upgrade for the DH above you part 2.

Demon Hunter
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You have a well balanced DH, so saying that all of your gear could use slight upgrades. But as for a major upgrade get a Manti with 2 sockets and Marquis gems in it, pricey but HUGE dps!

Whoa, awesome gear. Monster Manticore DPS, GG ammy ... Maybe a DML with the same stats plus 20% IAS?
Uberdouche get a higher damage weapon next. Rockin it though great job so far. Keep at it

These days it's hard for me to recommend anything for the slots covered by the BoA items. The single biggest upgrade for you right now would be a dual socket dex manticore with atleast 1200 dps with 45% or better weapon damage affix + marquis ruby and emerald.

Your crit chance is pretty good but could be better with a different nats ring that has CC - your CC will also improve eventually as you craft some amulets or when you get a mempo with CC.

The only other thing is the witching hour. The dex is quite low on it so I'm assuming you're using it for the vitality. When you get more health from other gear I would get a higher dex WH. At this point a cheap Inna's belt could probably increase your stats more but I wouldn't recommend one unless you're using a black damage weapon like a Calamity/WF or rare xbow. I experimented with one and a 1522dps rare xbow and the loss of the attack speed affected my resource regain too much.

With a little more luck on crafted items your core areas of CC, CD and especially attack speed will improve your game drastically and you'll be able to drop the discipline off the nats chest in favour of vitality/resists as your resource regen capability from hits will increase.

Thanks man! Ya I am trying to find a DML with same stats as mine and higer IAS, its kind of a pain not very many on the AH. The ones that are cost near a billion in gold.

You could find some better gloves. More dex and CC, CD

overall nice DH!

Looks like a decent DH, you might want to reroll your shoulders for more all res and you can definitely craft better bracers.
Super solid DH. Well rounded. Amazing unbuffed dps and eHP.
I think a double-socket manticore would make you top 10% heroscore DH.
That calamity, whilst nice, cannot compete, especially cuz you have some AS and so much CC and CD.

Armor wise, maybe a Mempo with CC... 2B easy.
@Castablanca: Man, only thing I can really see is maybe getting an amulet with dex instead of str...but I'm sure you already knew that.
Any suggestions guys I would like to break 300dps but I don't have a lot of gold right now. My other ring I have brings me up another 10K dps I swap it out with Hellfire when doing high MPs.
Thanks for your review. Such an amulet does not currently exist ;)
As for you, you really should go Nat's boot + Nat's Ring + Inna's Chest + Inna's Pants.
Those combo's by themselves will bring you to 100k. Then get a socketed Calamity.

wow, just when I explained the GG dh template to Geekweezui above, here's a perfect example!
To get to 300k dps unbuffed will cost you big time.
You need that infamous GG manticore. That single upgrade (1.2-to-2B) will bring you close.
New Lacuni's with higher dex, or get lucky with crafted gloves like I did :)
03/05/2013 09:32 AMPosted by Seeyle
New Lacuni's with higher dex

what do you mean by "new"? is there a better version of 9AS+6CC lacuni's with 70+ resists?
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Yup, and apparently they're for sale.

Actually, just plugged in crafted bracers, and they beat out your lacuni's as well. So craft some bracers and some gloves, Casta :)
03/05/2013 09:51 AMPosted by Seeyle
craft some bracers and some gloves, Casta :)

thanks Seeyle
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What can I upgrade besides ammy (I'm getting mats together to craft tons of them) for say, under 10 mil.

You might look at a Mempo for the helm, it would be a 100 Dex/AS boost in return for a defense hit. You could absorb that by changing out your DML with one with 225+ in Dex and Vit, if you're not too attached to the +Max Disc.

You could also potentially craft some beefier bracers, but it's a pretty rare roll. They've been a pain in the !@# for me to upgrade...

very good demon hunter. you have good stats but consider adding more increased attack speed. in addition, your gem quality could definitely use an upgrade.
@ Keepitfresh:

You need to upgrade that empty gem slot in your chest to one with a gem. ;-)

You could ditch the Lacuni Prowlers for some high dex Strongarms.

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