still very new barb seeking advice.

Can you critique my gear and lemme know what to improve on first.....all these stats confusing lol
First off, your Skorn is very low DPS. You should be able to upgrade that for a couple 100k gold. Pick up an IK belt it will give you all resist + bonus all resist from the set bonus, and life steal. you will lose a bit of damage, but the resist+LS is worth it. I would try to get more all resist from pants as well, shoot for a rare with Str / Vit / high all resist with 2 sockets. Same with chest, but try for 3 sockets there. Some offensive stats would be good on the amulet. Preferably crit chance and crit damage.
I'd look at going for more of a classic Hota build, they work really well with 2 handers. Battle rage will add to your dps, and if you choose into the fray rune you can spam HoTA. When looking for an IK belt you can get one with a boost to bash, which is nice since your using that as your fury gen.
Also I would put hammer of the ancients : smash rune instead of revenge ( i prefer it on my right click and rend as one of my keys). But with rend and life steal on belt you don't need revenge, and Hammer of the Ancients is amazing for 2-hand. Also instead of ignore pain I would go for battle rage:thrive on chaos. This will make you generate a ton of fury to keep wrath of the berserker up for much longer.
I've got my keys set up so left click is my fury gen, right is Hota, and space bar is my oh crap button, in this case rend-bloodlust. It works out well for me, as my left hand is hovered over 2-3-4, with my thumb slapping the space bar any time I feel like i need to rend. This simple rebinding made the game alot easier for me.
Thanks for all your input guys
As far as 2h weapons go is a better skorn my best bet or do you recommend a different 2h?
Skorn is the only viable option really. IMK BB can roll 200 CD, IAS 300 str and -fury to certain skills, you may be able to look at those.
Alright.. update. I took your guys advice and pretty satisfied so far. I think im lacking a little ar specifically from helm and boots. Its at like 460. And I think maybe I need a little ias? I did a few seige runs on mp5 only died once cuz elite froze and arcaned me this weapon a little better? What do you guys think about my rings till I get a decent hellfire?
Looking pretty good man. I run MP10 ubers with less than 500 all resist and it works out for me, although I do have a life steal skorn so I have a ton of LS. You will need more attack speed to be able to keep WOTB up for longer, but for now you have a pretty solid setup :) I would try to save up for more expensive upgrades from now on.

Also, if you are lacking defense you could run tough as nails passive. With battle rage:into the fray you should have good enough fury generation. I prefer Frenzy : maniac as a fury generator just because it's incredibly fast, and you can track the buff at the bottom of your screen to make sure it doesn't fall off. If you don't need the defense of tough as nails, I suggest using animosity, it will increase your crit chance of Hota (because of max fury), and give you better fury regen than unforgiving. Also, if you aren't doing this already, only use Hota while at or near max fury for the best benefit.
Another note, if you are running solo the Templar increases fury generation by 8%, and you can stack him with more MF than any other follower. He also stuns groups, and face tanks the little green exploding dudes for me :D It also makes me laugh a little every time he says "What a monstrous creature!"

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