Stats For MP10 UBERS?

I was wondering if my Gear is good enough for MP10 ubers solo?

Thanks and if its not can you tell how much more dps or health or even AR i need? Thanks!
In a group? Yeah, you can contribute....



A helpful guide by Wayneold.
Nice as I can be, my stats are barely good enough for it, you need around base 650 ar u need id say 60k+hp I wouldn't even attempt it if you didn't have that and 200k+ base dps

I ran you through the calculator (nice barb BTW)...if you switched over to WW and used bash/punish, WC/imp, replaced hellfire with cold SOJ (6/28) you'd be hitting for 1.95m Tdps with a minimum EHP of 1.2mil..."barely good enough" would become a distant memory.

With the scoundrel your Tdps would be 2.03mil....word.
So no there not good enough? if not what should i increase?
@bloodyzbub where is the calculator you used if you don't mind? ive been thinking about changing builds but dno what to T_T
Most people will tell you that you need some extremely high DPS number, such 200k without passives, but this isn't the case. Wayne's guide is good but the requirements and tactics are a little different for a Skorn barb. The fights are more of a survivability check than a DPS check. Most people who do them use high DPS for high healing to survive, but it's not necessary. Having a high health pool and lifesteal with medium DPS works just fine. What I'd say you need to do is pick up about 200 AR more, about 5K HP more, and a Stone of Jordan. The latter is absolutely critical for doing ubers with maximum efficiency.

My current setup can do ubers effortlessly, and I mean half asleep with a high margin of error. I have only 114k DPS without passives, and I've still been able to solo the easy portals with dead players in the game. I can likely carry a dead player in Siege/Kulle as well, but I haven't tried. However, I have around 69K HP and 650 AR, which are the keys to facetanking all of the hard hitting attacks without using war cry.
How come i need an SOJ? just wondering?
Dude, did you even read the guide I posted? It spells it all out for you....

And SoJ improves your damage against elites better than any other item in the game. Ubers = elites.
Yes i did read it. But i get many people telling me different stuff like "oh DPS doesnt matter" i read it all the way thru and i will get my stats like that and ill tell you if i can solo it or not.
It's like I said, you either need high DPS, or high EHP. Pick one. (Right now you have neither)
I think u need a lot more res all and HP.
Im gonna try to solo them this weekend, i know i can do magda and ghom, dont know about the khule one.
ok so what do you guys think i need to upgrade next?
By what i saw in Wayneold's guide i think u probably can do it, give it a try. Watch Jochs videos for tatics.
By what i saw in Wayneold's guide i think u probably can do it, give it a try. Watch Jochs videos for tatics.

I dont think he used any tacticts in that vid

Just pure tank with his insane gear!
02/22/2013 03:08 PMPosted by PointBlank69

I managed to do it with the setup on my profile. Was not hard with 8%LS, 600 all res, 6k armor 61k life, 150k dps with soj. Used enchantress with maximus.

I switched my EF for a LS one i had on my stash for the siege/khule fight. Dont need the extra LS for the other ones.

Another thing, i used WW/HOTA and frenzy smite. Dont know what the stats may be for rend/HOTA, for example.

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