Stats For MP10 UBERS?

I just tried and beat MP10 ubers solo for the first time today. Saw this topic and decided to give it a shot. ZK/Siege was a tough one just because of the combo of pick up/rocks was deadly.

Was a fun challenge though.

Oh, and for my 3rd passive ran with Tough as Nails (Ruthless and Weapons Master were first two)
100k unbuff for 10% chance to win (on ZK/Siege)
150k unbuff for 30-50% chance to win (on ZK/Siege)
200k unbuff for 90% chance to win (on ZK/Siege)

and minimum 500k EHP with difference 5-9% life steal depend on your your EHP.
a good way to know is try solo farming the keys at MPX and see how often u die.

then do ubers at MP(X-1)

high dmg is important because the bosses have really powerful mechanics. the longer the battle, the worse ur odds.

I ran you through the calculator (nice barb BTW)...if you switched over to WW and used bash/punish, WC/imp, replaced hellfire with cold SOJ (6/28) you'd be hitting for 1.95m Tdps with a minimum EHP of 1.2mil..."barely good enough" would become a distant memory.

With the scoundrel your Tdps would be 2.03mil....word.

would you be able to calculate my tdps as well?

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