The PC is dead?

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02/21/2013 11:04 PMPosted by Krystonosetz

I think the thing that will change is that over time, the desktop will be replaced by the new "all-in-ones."

I.e., looks like a 27" screen, with all the computer parts located inside the box that holds the screen.

It still has the "desk-top" performance, but takes up a lot less space. Of course, a lot of the parts are smaller, but performance has not suffered.
Blizzard smart to produce a game that can be played on more than one platform. Expose the awesomeness of D3 to more people!

Next up, D3 for tablets and smartphones!

To be honest, the PC is sorta dying. Look at every electronic store and go the personal computer section. What do you see? Laptops, smart phones, tablets, "notebooks", and PC's that are so small you would second guess them being desktop PC's to begin with. The big bulky machines of the 1990's and 2K's are becoming an endangered species. Sure you'll still need them for super heavy number crunching or for 3D design. But PC gaming of the future will be on smartphones and tablets.

It's called Steam and Amazon. PC gaming is alive and well.
02/21/2013 11:19 PMPosted by Darlynn
PC is not dead and won't be any time soon.

You couldn't be more wrong, I guarantee within the next 10 years you'll hardly see anybody with a PC, especially a desktop. Everything will be on consoles in your living room, or on a tablet/phone. Not just for gaming either.

It's only a matter of time.
02/22/2013 07:14 PMPosted by TeejayMac
PC is not dead and won't be any time soon.

You couldn't be more wrong, I guarantee within the next 10 years you'll hardly see anybody with a PC, especially a desktop. Everything will be on consoles in your living room, or on a tablet/phone. Not just for gaming either.

It's only a matter of time.

TeejayMac uses speculation!
It is not very effective...
02/22/2013 07:42 PMPosted by xanzul

Huge difference between sales and current active player base.

When profit for most video games is front loaded at release, it is rather irrelevant if people continue playing or not.

Current active fanbase doesn't mean crap. This isn't a subscription based game. The only that matters is sales.

No one looks at FF7 and says but the current active playerbase is 1000!

I'm not comparing the quality of the two games, just how they sold.
Console is for nubs
02/21/2013 11:13 PMPosted by Plutarch
To be honest, the PC is sorta dying.

nice u made me lol
blizzard cannot succeed in console market its just not their thing.

If they think Diablo 3 which is almost dead on PC is somehow gonna compete with the likes of God of War on PS3/4 then they really have gone mad and delusional.
02/22/2013 07:05 AMPosted by vexorian
No clue why anyone with a brain would think the "PC" as gaming platform would be dead. Well, so far it did quite well and there is no real sign that this will change. Infact the consoles have been pretty stagnant for the last years and the new PS4 doesnt seem to be THAT amazing either, at least the representation wasnt. It doesnt offer anything which the PC cant do, in some cases the PC was and will be better (see multiplayer, crowd funding projects, modifications, free2play games etc.).
It is not consoles that are killing the PC gaming platform.

Both PCs and Consoles are being killed by mobile games. It is simple as that.

I would not say that. Mobile games have their own charme, but if you take a look on how popular crowd funding has become or why certain projects are so popular (like PoE, I hate to mention it because people might OMG! NOT AGAIN! But what ever if we like it or not it is after all an interesting project and I am curious to see what will happen here in the future!).

The gaming buisness has some serious issues. I am now playing games for the last 18 years, and I am sure not alone here considering that most gameers are between their 20s and 30s now.

What disturbs me is how many restrictions and limitations are forced on players. Like always DRM measures masked as always online systems in the name of convenience. I was always critical about STEAM and I am still not comletely convinced despite the fact that it is an great platform. But gamers today lose their ability to think critical about their games and hobby. The fans destroy their own franchises and games that simple. People defending games which are full of bugs or errors and butchered gameplay elements for example. D3 is for me just the tip of the ice berg. But it once again proves that endless resources and high numbers of people dont have to make an awesome game. Diablo 3 is by no means a bad game. But its also not awesome. Its mediocre.

Now imagine some 20 years ago a game had the resources of Diablo 3, CoD or Assasins Creed. Literaly 100 milion of Dolloar just for the production. To be fair, most of the development today is spend on marketing as far as AAA games go like D3 or CoD. I have read that they can easily throw out 100m Dollar just on advertisting while only a small parr of the resources is actually spend on the programming. Marketing is expensive, but it works! Thats the issue. With games you dont have to deliver quality anymore, just mediocre content with awesome marketing.

But this is not going to work always. If you see how many big companies are forcing always online systems on the player. They spend so much money on the development of games that they HAVE to sell million copies to just get even. Skyrim was for Bethesda a huge success, but just to get the cost in they have to sell around 2-3 milion copies. Do you know how many copies Fallout 1 had to sell to be a totall success? 300 000 games. Just 300 000 games! And Fallout 1 is seen as one of the best games of its time. Is Diablo 3 though really the better game as far as quality goes? Thats the question.

The PC and the Console are very popular gaming platforms. But if companies see their users as nothing more but walking bags of money ... its no surprise why it "dies" eventually. Should not bother us though as gamers. It will lead to better games in the end because it opens up new possibilities for new projects. Wasteland 2, Project Eternity by Obsidian even and so on. A lot of very interesting concepts are in the works now and they look awesome because they go back to the roots of the games but they still want to offer improvements.

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