How much money you spent on your Monk?

Curiosity! How much money you spent on your Monk?
I have no idea, but probably multiple billions. It's not worth anywhere near that amount, which just goes to show that actually playing the game throughout its entire lifecycle is a huge no-no. Better to just wait for half a year, then pull out a credit card and get 200K DPS for 100$.
i have a horrible habit of wasting gold. with that said, maybe 1.5-2b?

i also have a bad habit of buying high out of lack of patience instead of waiting for deals
Awesome everyone! I totally spent around 600m golds on my monk. But i didn't spend any real money on my monk. I sold many gear from the drop and saved golds to upgrade my gear.

dat axe.
Id guess somewhere around 500M.
does selling 100mil ring to vendor count on price tag ;(
100-200m depending if you count gear that is in the box.
estimate 200m-250m. some pieces were barter exchanged with other players.
nothing wrong with that fitz. ive lent out a lot of gold/gear and ive also been lent gold/gear. its refreshing to see people help others out. this game is full of !@#$%^-s and greed.

THIS is kind of embarrassing, my family and I have been a little tight on money lately because im getting married in april and thats been pretty costly so far and i was short on money to pay my electric bill. some guy ive never met before, he was just on my friends list, gave me a bil gold so i could sell it on the RMAH and have enough to get my light bill paid. lets just say my faith in humanity has been restored.
wow. a-holes is censored? lol. isnt this game rated M for mature?
And people say the RMAH is a bad thing! Cool story, though.
Price flipped quite abit. Made alot of mistakes. I think I spent at least a billion.
I am in the 250-300 millions range, including gear I bought in the past and could never resell.
Too much :3
An arm and both legs! Now I can sit at the computer and play all day =)

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