400m to spend on HOTA gear

My weapon is not 250m but 350m and my belt is about 100m. Cant remember the exact prices. Anyway my gear is way too expensive. 400m is not much, compare carefully before spending.

The market is changing every week.
I sold a weapon 970dps, no cd, no scoket at 70 dollars last year which bought at 1m gold, lol.
I tried a hota build just last night with no -hota gear on and I was able to sustain my fury on MP 8 and 10. I guess you can take my current gear as a good example. I just have more fun doing ww rend than ww hota or pure hota so I reverted to my ww rend build.
OP, I run a DW Hota build with Superstition and it works great on MP7 and above. Majority of the time I can right click spam hammers with a left click occasionally to fill up fury. Rend and WOTB when necessary.
OP, check out my 2 weps. Something like those can be used for HotA. I have no issues with it. I do use frenzy and try keeping it at 5 stacks for the extra damage. So about 7 HotA's then a swipe or two with frenzy and back to HotA. I do around 1.1-1.25mil on HotA crits with frenzy at 5s.

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