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Greetings Fellow Demon Hunters! Oscar back with a new edition of a builds and FAQ guide! Given that nearly all of the previous information on the "Common Builds" guide sticky was out of date with the new RoS 2.0 system, I decided to just completely scrap it and re-write a new article for the forum.

First and Foremost, many may come here looking for information on Marauder Set bonuses and Sentry information. For this, I'd direct you to the Useful Links section for the Tao of Sentries post and Vocaloidnyan's Marauder Threads that have WAYYY too much information to condense into a single post here. I will write a brief summary, but for truly detailed information including math, please refer to those threads.

Table of Contents:

1 - Useful Links
2 - Build Guides - Current and relevant builds only, tons out there, here are the common cookie cutters.
Cluster Arrow/Fire builds
Multishot Builds
Physical Chakram
Marauder Sentry Spender Build
3 - Gearing and Finding What You Want - Kadala and RNGesus
4 - Enchanting and Myriam - Rerolling your items
5 - FAQ - All the questions that get repeated over and over on our forum (Want to skip there?) http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7979318741?page=1#2


Have some Useful Links!


The Tao of Sentries thread also has a TREMENDOUS amount of information regarding Sentries, breakpoints, etc.:

ActionKungFu's Techniques Thread:

RedCell's Dual Wielding Thread:

RedCell's Fulcrum Principle Thread:

List of Act Cache Items

DiEoxidE's Ninchakru Spec w/T6 vids! (>^^)>

Marauder Sentry Build Comparator:

Redcell's "Archer of the Stars" Build With Vid

VocaloidNyan's Amazeballs Maurauder 6pc Testing Thread

Damage buff/debuff calculations:

List of elite affixes with working reductions:


--->Current Cookie Cutter Builds<---

While Marauder 6 piece with Sentry Hatred Spender Build being by far the most common of builds, this section is for those who wish to "self-cast", or fire their own damaging spells instead of allowing the Sentry to do the work for you.

Creative Demon Hunter players have devised several different builds that are still quite useful and can maintain their usefulness through even high Torment levels. Current Builds now differ greatly from previous builds because the gear makes enormous gains toward certain builds that it cannot simply be ignored. There are likely few stand-alone specs that can be used without specific gearing. The gearing section is really more about HOW to find what you want, but this section will also include what types of gear works well with the specs chosen. Links to specs may include open spaces. These are variable slots that are non-essential to the spec. Other modifiable slots will be specifically noted per section. Our Common Cookie Cutter Builds are below:

Cluster Arrow: LFB - Fire

The Cluster Arrow Spec combines ultra high damage with high mobility and ease of use. It is an extremely resource draining spec, which means it will make use of all gear and skills that can help off-set this problem. However, once surmounted, this spec can be incredibly powerful.


In this spec, you're using Entangling shot JIS for your primary attack because it regains a significant amount of hatred and has a slow for groups, which can be extremely useful when fighting against packs that you need to keep at arm's reach. When used properly, it can even clump your enemies closer together, further increasing the effectiveness of your Cluster Arrows. It allows you to make use of your Steady Aim passive more as well as regain that hatred in those moments that you find yourself without health globes (Blood Vengeance passive) or a cool down on Companion: Bat.

The obvious center to this build is the Cluster Arrow: Loaded for Bear rune (CA:LFB, or just LFB from here on). As mentioned earlier, the ultra high damage potential of this rune as well as mobility between casts and pinpoint accuracy make it an ideal choice for many players. Now, you might ask, "Why not Cluster Bombs? It does so much damage!" This choice is situational, and some players do, in fact, prefer this for lower Torments and fighting large bosses like Ghom, Siegebreaker, etc. In my opinion, the problem is the delay as well as the spread of damage. If the target is small and fast, you may miss them. As well, there is often a gap between you and the exploding grenades, which can be extremely irritating when dealing with enemies within melee range. The general preference today is LFB, for the reasons listed above.

Bat Companion is exchangeable for Wolf, especially after gearing is completed to off-set the high Hatred cost of the LFB. Before gearing is completed with this spec, Bat is ideal as it increases hatred regeneration AND gives you an active ability to actually regain 50 Hatred with the click of a cooldown. I use this even now after I have geared to off-set the hatred cost, as I can pretty much fire non-stop on a high torment Rift Guardian and practically never have to stop so long as at least one or two globes pop off of him.

Vault and Smoke Screen are put here as they improve mobility and also healing (SS Healing Vapors). Unavoidable damage while casting off a battery of Cluster Arrows occurs and sometimes you just don't wanna stop for that spinning Arcane Sentry.

The Vault: Tumble Rune is one that I actually have been experimenting with in comparison to Trail of Cinders. These two are easily inter-changeable, especially after you get a Cindercoat, Pride's Fall, and if you use Perfectionist. However, with JUST a Pride's Fall + Cindercoat, the actual cost of using Trail of Cinders (Fire skill, it DOES get reduced cost of casting with your gearing), will be 1 Disc HIGHER for every TWO Vaults cast (assuming you are within the cooldown of the Tumble Rune). For this reason, I am keeping the Tumble in there. You might argue that the 1 Disc difference is enough to justify the additional damage you could get from the Fire Trail left behind, but I find every drop of Discipline is useful at higher torments especially. On the other hand, you might find every drop of Damage Done equally useful at higher torments. Make your choice!

Blood Vengeance, as a passive, is an absolute requirement for this spec as it both increases your total Hatred Pool as well as returns both resources with all globes consumed by yourself or a party member. Combined with Reaper's Wraps, this passive is one of the cornerstones to this spec.

Open Active Slot Suggestions:
- Vengeance (Seethe) - I like this a lot as it is basically another damage + HATRED REGENERATION CD
- RoV - Pick your Rune, a lot of people really like this as the cooldown is a LOT lower than Vengeance. My personal favorite is Anathema.
- Preparation Punishment - Great way to convert Disc to Hatred if you find yourself in excess of Disc. Excellent choice for those players who need the extra Hatred if you aren't done gearing out for Resource Reduction.

Other useable passives here are:
- Cull of the Weak - Great synergy with ES:JIS, or if you happen to have a frost Wiz in your group, but their population is dwindling thanks to the Conflag spec and Arcane Specs
- Archery / Sharpshooter - there will be a topic on this later
- Perfectionist - an excellent choice at high Torments
- Grenadier - YES, the "grenades" lowercase will be affected by this skill
- Night Stalker - Who can argue with more discipline procs?


The obvious choice for gear is anything that you can stack + Crit Chance, + Crit Damage, and Primary stat. Do not neglect your toughness as higher torments may require it depending on player skill. + Cluster Arrow % damage can and should be rolled on your Helmet, Boots, and Quiver (if so equipped).

+ Fire % is extremely potent for this build and should be on every piece of gear you can roll it on. That means Gloves (Magefist is IDEAL), Bracers (Reaper's Wraps are preferred), Amulet, and Chest (Cindercoat is your only choice here). Helmet CAN have +Fire % if it is an Andariel's Visage, but the choice between Andy's and Pride's Fall plagues too many players and is extremely specific to the rest of the gearing as well as the player. I will not delve into that choice here but only mention that they're both choices.

Resource Reduction is an excellent stat to choose as well, but not necessary if you stack your gear properly otherwise. The single best way to obtain resource reduction for this spec will be your Cindercoat as it can provide up to 30% reduced cost for all of your spenders. This alone makes the spec absolutely incredible, and while it can function without it, obtaining this singular item is considered the center piece for this spec. A Pride's Fall Helmet is also an incredible find for this spec as it reduces resource costs 5 seconds after NOT receiving any damage. That means if you have pets that eat the damage for you or dodge the damage (or use Smoke Screen) you will remain at the reduced cost (up to 30%). Blood Vengeance + Reaper's Wraps (properly rolled with + Fire %) will help recoup any lost hatred with a single globe, or two if you're completely dry. This helmet synergizes very well with the passive "Awareness" which will help you avoid one attack and increase the length of time your helmet resource reduction ability is active.

Some players also like to gain some degree of resource reduction by way of combining the Ring of Royal Grandeur (reduces set requirements by 1 item) by combining two items from the "Captain Crimson's Trimmings" set.
The 3 piece set bonus is 50 AR + 10% Reduced costs. It can be an incredible addition to this set if needed, but some may find it simply is not needed.

For addition Information, check out Skyline's Thread linked below in the "Useful Links" section


Demon Hunter Zoo and Pet Builds

This Build is completely dependent on the Marauder's set, which some players have been extremely lucky to complete while others are at a complete loss of even a single drop. Due to this enormous variability, it is not a spec that should be aimed for, but used only if you're lucky enough to obtain the necessary pieces. Your pets are the center of this spec and turning your character into a pet class may not be for you, but if it is, read on! If not, skip ahead.
This Spec relies on your pets to do maximum damage as well as sentries to bring in an incredible punch. It is useful at all Torment levels and can REALLY shine at higher torments as more sentries can be placed as fights generally last longer. This is really a function of the "wind up" effect you get with sentry placement. Cooldown Reduction (CDR), is therefore an incredibly useful stat here and should be sought when possible so long as it does not detract from other more important primary stats like CC/CD/Dex.

There are several different ways to push these Pet builds, especially based on either Physical Damage (for maximum pet damage), or Fire Damage (for addition of CA: LFB and Spitfire Turrets). Here are examples of each:

Fire + Pet: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#bPkdXS!bYUc!Ycacbc
Physical + Pet: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#bedXSk!bYUc!cbbbcZ

These are just examples, but the main parts of the two builds are obviously the companions, the Sentries. Whichever you choose, if you do use Entangling Shot, you can slow large groups of mobs making anything more effective by way of Cull of the Weak, which is why the two are paired here, but if you prefer another skill, or have a Kridershot and prefer to use Frost Arrow as your generator, go nuts.

The Physical + Pet build can make great use of Chakram Razor Disc as well as Impaling Bolt Sentry for maximum area and linear penetration damage. Entangling Shot can be changed to Bounty Hunter to slow things down and make your Impaling Bolts more effective. Custom Engineering is used in both specs, but is not necessary depending on gear used. Speaking of gear...

There are some incredible pieces of gear here and much of it is dependent on which pieces of Marauder's you have, and if you've chosen to use a 4 piece or a 6 piece bonus. the "Embodiment of the Marauder" set has a Helmet, Shoulders, Chest, Gloves, Legs, and Boots. As many of these as you can have is preferable with the exception of the gloves, which could IDEALLY be a Tasker and Theo, which increases the attack speed of all pets (including sentries) by 40-50% ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/tasker-and-theo ). Otherwise, Cooldown reduction is something that you will want to aim for in order to make maximum usage out of the 30% Damage from Wolf + Hatred regeneration + pickup + Boar Tank as well as make for quicker sentry drops.

>>> Also, don't forget that your ferrets DO increase your Movement Speed by 10%. Modify your Paragon points accordingly! <<<

Being short one piece of gear is no problem if you also use a Ring of Royal Grandeur (RoRG)
Should you also decide to stack a Crimson Captain's Set on top with the RoRG, the 3 piece bonus works wonderfully to decrease the CD on sentry meaning much faster wind up to maximum damage

Other items of particular note are:
- Bomba(r)dier's Rucksack (yes, we know it's misspelled, let's not make a thing about it) ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/bombadiers-rucksack ) that adds 2 sentries to your additional maximum arsenal. This is fantastic as it can roll + Sentry or Companion or Cluster Arrow as WELL as give you two extra sentries. I'd recommend against combining this item with Custom Engineering Passive as you will simply rarely get the opportunity to actually REACH a full 6 sentries because nearly everything except T6 Malthael would be dead by the time you finished laying down your turrets, that is, unless you have....

- Helltrapper - ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/helltrapper-3tfdaj ) The extra sentries laid down by this item will gain your Active Skill Rune. So if you drop Spitfire Turrets, it will also lay down Spitfire Turrets. If you have Scatter Spike Trap runed, it will also lay down Scatter Spike Traps. My favorite feature about this item is that it seems to ignore the limit on your number of active Sentries/Traps. I was once able to proc enough additional turrets to have SEVEN Spitfire turrets out at a single time during an elite fight at low torment. It can be incredibly useful.
edit: as of May 2014, it seems that the maximum ability to spawn additional sentry units is +2 by the Helltrapper.

- Tasker and Theo - ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/tasker-and-theo ) Increasing Pet Attack Speed by 40-50% is absolutely enormous. This also affects your Sentry ability. It will NOT affect your Sentry use of Hatred Spender, however. This is an automatic tremendous boost to your damage through your pets. Some players are even reportedly hitting numbers as high as the 20-30m range per hit of the wolf. Increasing frequency of hit by 40-50% is absolutely incredible. For a pet build, this is a must have.


Marauder Sentry Spender Build

If you've been lucky enough to find 6 pieces of Marauder gear (5 with RoRG), then this section is for you. There are a myriad of different ways to achieve a stable build, but a few core principles remain:

- You CAN drop your hatred generator, so long as you either have some passive hatred regeneration on gear, or use Reaper's Wraps + Blood Vengeance
- TWO Hatred Spenders is good to use, more is not necessarily better, but read more in the linked threads
- Different Hatred Spenders have different "activation cool downs"
- Your sentries will easily do the lion's share of the work from now on, so get used to it and make sure you stay alive for them to kill everything.

You can follow through with ANY ELEMENT now with this, so the sky is the limit.

Here is the build I am currently using, and I absolutely love it:

It's a ballistics rocket build using Spitfire Turret and Arsenal Multishot. CA:LFB is in there for added punch, though I'm considering a swap out to Cluster Bombs. I will keep you posted.

The Sentries will now fire off multishots and CA's, but with more Multishots than CA's. For the different spenders I have tried out, I find that this provides the best array of both area and single target damage. Others will beg to differ. Test for yourself though, and find out what you like!

The BEST part of this set bonus is that it opens up SO many doorways for making almost any element viable.

Our illustrious Vocaloidnyan has compiled a list of important properties that he has tested regarding M6 Spenders.
Nyan's Thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12674389831

The Tao of Sentries thread also has a TREMENDOUS amount of information regarding Sentries, breakpoints, etc.:



These builds are highly effective for low difficulty levels and can be extremely potent up through high Torment levels as well if properly geared. As it is a channeled skill, hatred management is extremely important. These are nearly non-stop builds and rely heavily on hatred regeneration as well as recouping hatred lost by way of globes, like in the LFB build above. Usage of the build is pretty straight forward. Spec and Gear information is noted here in a singular section, so there is no additional Gearing section.


Here's an example of a spec that can be used. The notable abilities here are Demo Strafe + Grenadier, Seethe for hatred regeneration, Companion Wolf/Bat (as needed for damage vs hatred recouping), and Tactical Advantage (for pure speed and avoidance).
Smoke Screen has two uses in a spec like this. The obvious use is avoiding/healing from damage. The second is activating Tactical Advantage for a speed boost to help you get where you're going.

Permastrafing is possible and facilitated with a 2H weapon (slower consumption), Resource reduction, and high hatred regen, but most importantly, with one of the most elusive items in the game for many of us: The Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/hexing-pants-of-mr-yan )

Simultaneously making you more powerful AND regenerate faster is IDEAL for a Strafing spec because you are constantly moving and you are constantly draining your resources while doing so. I might even call this a spec defining item, though it is certainly possible to build a Strafing DH without them, they make it really shine.

Another item that can make a tremendous difference for this spec is the K'Mar Tenclip ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/kmar-tenclip ). It adds the Drifting Shadow rune to any strafe rune you're already using to increase your movement speed.

Adding +Fire% and Strafe% are obvious choices for this spec. Some may also choose to add in Fan of Knives (FoK) as well. This may make players seek out Death Watch Mantle and Sash of Knives.



Multishot builds are versatile builds that can be tremendously fast farming specs for normal bounties or even effective at higher torments.


Here is an example of a fire / multi shot build that is meant to keep you moving with Vault. It is great for speed farming. I use a similar spec myself with Fire At Will rune because it costs so little hatred it is virtually spammable without running dry. The Suppression Fire Multishot, however, can be combined into a Preparation: Punishment Loop, to have infinite spending so long as there are lots of mobs to hit. I never have a hatred issue, though, with Reaper's Wraps and Blood Vengeance combo as well as extremely high mob killing speed, I have plenty of globes to keep me going. Try it both ways, see what you prefer.

Tactical Advantage is very important to keep you moving forward with your vaults and your Smoke Screens. Ambush will ensure you 1 shot as many mobs as possible, which is very important for speed farming.

Cluster Arrow LFB is there for very fast Elite Killing, as you they are the mobs that will slow you down the most. Eventually, you will just ignore them drop a LFB or two on them and keep vaulting ahead.

Bat is good too, if you prefer to use it over Prep Punishment, because moving so much you can run out of globes to refill your hatred, this allows you to keep going non stop instead.

It is an endurance and low HP mob killing spec. It might be useful in the Torments, but I much prefer Pet Sentry or Standard LFB spec for the more difficult settings.

A higher Torments Multishot spec is in the works. I will post about this shortly.

Here's another thread of mine about a Fire Multishot build viable in all difficulties:


Physical Chakram Build

As this is really DiEoxidE's baby, I will not attempt to explain it better than he. Here is his link:


Another potential Hatred Generator is Hungering Arrow - Devouring Arrow, but I REALLY do love the Bounty Hunter in this build. I played with this one for a day and it was hard to put it down! Works GREAT in T4+ with my Zoo DH even WITHOUT all the extra +% Chakram and +Physical Damage % gear. If you find a good Andy's Helm with %Physical and can re-roll for CC while keeping that IAS, Gob-Bless You!


Further information may be added here as it becomes available.

Looking to find that piece of gear that will complete your set? Well, I can't help you exactly here, but there are some tips and tricks to getting that gear you want, such as Gambling from Kadala, or farming the particular Horadric Cache from the act that will give you your rewards.

This BLUE Post lists Cache-ONLY items, as well as their links:

While most items are obtainable from world monster kills, some are restricted to Torments, such as Top Tier sets. This includes Marauder, Shadow's Mantle, and Natalya's. These are now also available through Kadala as well.

Other, very coveted items, such as the Calamity Hand Bow, can be obtained in any difficulty.

Here are posts regarding the drop rates:



Gambling with Kadala is an excellent way to obtain items such as Magefist Gloves, Cindercoat, Danetta's Hand Bows, among others. Many players may wish to gamble for a Cindercoat using a Monk at level 70 because it will eliminate all of the Cloak choices and therefore increase your chances of getting what you want.

If you have a large number of key fragments after farming for that RoRG (Act 1) or that Helltrapper (Act 5), you can run rifts yourself, with your friends, or join a group.

Once you've got that piece of gear you're looking for, Enchanting that piece of gear with the stats that will make it PERFECT can also be a daunting task. If you are lucky enough to get a SoJ and would like to re-roll the damage to %Fire, switch to a Barbarian. Barbarians do not get the Poison Damage modifier, so it will increase your chances for success. Many thanks to SAROS for this suggestion!

The only other suggestion is to keep on farming farming farming! Use your shards, kill a lot of monsters! If you've found a set of Nemesis Bracers ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/nemesis-bracers ) but don't wanna use them, consider leaving them in your bag and swapping to them momentarily, just to activate shrines. This will increase the number of elite kills you can get and therefore your chances at EPIC LEWTS!




So as we've all figured out by now Kadala and Myriam are probably in the same union, both providing services for random outcomes. Myriam will enchant your items for you, replacing one line item for a different one. In the Enchanting Menu, put your item into the slot and hit the ? to see what your options are for the stat you wish to re-roll and make sure you have the mats you need and roll away!

All items are different as are all builds. There are, however commonalities to items that DH will ALWAYS want and stat preferences we are almost ALWAYS looking for. Regarding Armor and Jewelry, the assumption is that Dexterity is at the level you wish to have it at. You'd really only re-roll Dex if all other stats on the armor/jewelry piece is satisfactory for you and your piece is otherwise perfect and you are looking for that perfect 500+ Dex roll.

I started writing up a preferences list for stats on armoring and realized that this is a daunting and completely non-formulary list, so I will omit it and leave armor enchantment up to the player. Instead, I will leave a list of preferences in TIERS for relative high to low needs based on most builds. This is by no means written in stone, so please roll based on what your individual DH needs.

This list ASSUMES the item already has Dexterity on it if it's an armor piece, Weaponry is different. The order of each list is the order of preference highest to lowest, if not mentioned, it's based primarily on personal preference. The objectives of these lists are Highest DAMAGE, toughness and damage mitigation must be re-rolled based on your needs.

Each list is divided by a slash ( / ) indicating a next relative tier in preference. Items separated by a comma ( , ) will be based on needs and other gear choices you have made.

Critical Hit Chance / CHD / Average Damage / IAS / Sockets (UNLESS Chest Armor, in which case, you almost ALWAYS want 3 sockets).

% Elemental Damage (like 20% Fire Damage) would have the HIGHEST preference for items like Helmet and Boots. When given a choice between 6% CHC and 15% Skill Damage on a helmet, I would personally always choose 15% Skill damage for my primary spender unless my CHC is woefully low or I plan on replacing the item soon. CHC Can be made up on numerous other pieces, but % Skill cannot so easily be made up elsewhere. Sometimes, the % Skill damage eludes you after a hundred rolls, like it somehow has with my helmet on my 2nd DH, but having both is truly ideal.

Quivers I won't even get into in any real detail, but ideal stats on a quiver are: High Dex, High Vit, 20% IAS, 10% CC, 12 Disc, and 15% Skill. Rerolling line items on Quivers is like shooting darts with sewing needles and trying to hit bull's eye. Achievable, but it can get inordinately painful.


This is the area where most people have big questions. Enchanting your weapon for max damage output should be based on a few different factors.

- Does the Weapon already have a socket?
- What is the Base Damage (first line) and how close is it to perfect?
- Is there a % Damage Modifier?
- Is there a Dex roll?

The Perfect Weapon would be one where the Base Damage is maxed out, the % Damage Modifier is 10%, the Dex roll is high, and a socket is present.

Weapons that drop for you that have no socket, but have Good Base Damage + % Damage Modifier + Dex + another less desirable stat, can be rerolled for the socket with that last stat. Otherwise, it may not be worth keeping. Items like a Nat's Slayer, for instance, ALWAYS roll with a socket, which can be very helpful

Weapon Damage Calculation (withOUT socketted Gems and NOT counting for dex) goes like this:

Low Base Damage + BASE ITEM Low Damage = A
High Base Damage + BASE ITEM High Damage = B

(Base item here refers to the type of weapon it is. Penetrator, Oxybeles, Doubleshot. Values will be listed below for reference)

(A)(1+% Damage Modifier) = C
(B)(1+% Damage Modifier) = D

(Note: 10% Damage modifier would be 0.10, therefore A would be multiplied by 1.10)

(C+D)/2 = AVERAGE. Multiply this AVERAGE by the APS (May be modified by additional IAS rolls on the weapon)

This is the calculation for DPS on a bow. You can mess with these numbers to try and figure out whether or not your item will benefit more from a damage reroll or a change in % Damage modifier. This assumes that the item has a socket, of course.

Here is an example calculation:

My T'Mar Tenclip bow has:
1040-1261 Damage with 10% Damage modifier

1040 + 126 = 1050 ---> x1.10 = 1155
1261 + 715 = 1976 ---> x1.10 = 2176.3

(1155 + 2176.3) / 2 = 1665.65

With no IAS roll, a handbow attack speed is 1.60

1665.65 x 1.60 = 2665.04

This is almost exact to what is in my profile. The variations occur in the rolls for base damage of the Penetrator. Usually they're different by 1-2 on either top or bottom end.

Here are the lists of damage on white weapons:
Penetrator: (126-127) - (714-716) @ 1.60 APS
Doubleshot: (143–145)–(815–819) @ 1.40 APS
Oxybeles: (779–787)–(945–961) @ 1.10 APS


Above is a direct quote from me as I gambled my 5,000th shard at Kadala to not get the Cindercoat I'd been dreaming of. Just kidding, it's time to answer all those annoying, I mean, VERY RELEVANT QUESTIONS that continuously get asked in this forum! Please direct these threads here as it may ease the pains of our active forum users and answer crew.


I'm using a Handbow (1H XBow) so Sharpshooter or Archery? I heard Sharpshooter is just inflated paper DPS.

This could not be further from the truth. The "inflated DPS" of Sharpshooter sharted, er Started, back in Vanilla, when players would stack attack speed and Critical Hit Damage and not enough Critical hit Chance. Turning on Sharpshooter, they realized, WOW! I can pretend I have 100% CC and tons of damage! Of course, then it wasn't true damage, and in some cases, even today as well, isn't true damage. In most cases, however, Sharpshooter can be an impressively good skill to have as a passive.

In today's permutation of Diablo 3, we as demon hunters have become much more astute to realize the difference between paper damage and effective damage (true DPS, whatever you want to call it).
The only difference for players using a 1H Xbow between ShSh and Archery is the 1% base crit. If Dual Wielding, then add the extra 1 Hatred Per second to Archery. Now, ShSh will add the extra crit PER SECOND, for which we all get some degree of down time perhaps even between shots. It can be incredibly useful to have that extra crit rating to pop off those big numbers right off the bat. Some players like to couple this with the Ambush Passive (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/demon-hunter/passive/ambush)

This leads to the next question:


Is Dual Wielding Worth it? Should I put on a Quiver?

First, RedCell did some TREMENDOUS work here for us in his own thread. Consider this read as well:


Dual Wielding is now an extremely viable choice for weapon load out. It has many advantages, such as adding a second Emerald to a socketted Off-Hand. You can also stack multiple Legendary Affixes that you might REALLY like. For instance, you could have a K'mar Tenclip in your Main Hand and a Calamity in your Off-Hand giving you both increased Strafe Speed as well as Marked for Death on your targets. What you sacrifice to Dual Wield, however, is the opportunity to have a quiver which can have stats that a Hand Bow can never have. Most notable of these stats is 8-10% Critical Hit Chance and VERY importantly, % Skill Damage. Having 15% Cluster Arrow Damage on your quiver can be an enormous leap in your total damage, even if it doesn't show up on your "paper" DPS. The Archfiend Arrows quiver also gives you an additional 6-8% Damage Against Elites.

Making the choice to DW with an off-hand that does NOT provide you with an additional skill you like (eg, Danetta's, Calamity, etc) is something that depends on a lot of things, but if you're primarily concerned with numbers and displayed Damage on your character sheet, you must also remember that the damage you end up with is an AVERAGE of damage between the two bows. Unless they're symmetrical, your lower damage bow will decrease your total damage done (and displayed). For Instance, if your Main Hand is 2700 Damage and your Off Hand is 2500 Damage, you will very possibly average lower than if you had a Quiver equipped with equal stats. These are options that must be explored before making the choice to DW or not.

Regarding consensus, there IS no consensus. It depends on the gear you have, the choices of weaponry you can use, and the Quiver you are choosing from. Assuming we're talking about top tier items, here's my take:

In an ideal world, I believe having a Natalya's Slayer at 2800+ Damage with perfect stats paired with a 2750+ Calamity with perfect stats, both with sockets, would be the most perfect choice to me. I have yet to get so lucky as to have EITHER of these drop in ANY form since RoS Launched.

However, mathematically, a small 3% edge goes to the advantage of 8% vs Elites + 15% Skill Choice you could potentially get out of an Archfiend Quiver (competes with 20% damage from MFD), if you factor in a roll with 10% CC, which would compete with 130 CHD gem of DW. In GROUP Play, however, there is no competition: Perfect Nat's + Perfect Calamity. Somebody prove me wrong

Assuming you're at this level of gearing, your critical hit chance is likely to be very high already making incredible use out of that extra 130% CHD in your off-hand weapon.

Regarding Sentry, the damage of the Sentry is calculated from your main hand, so if you are DW and running a Marauder 6 piece build, you really should make sure that your main hand has the more powerful BASE DAMAGE.


Kridershot looks like an awesome bow! What kind of spec should I use with it?

Oh boy, I almost want to make my own Batman-Slapping-Robin Meme here... okay I did.


The ONLY thing that Kridershot does as a bow is allow you to use Elemental Arrow as your Hatred Generator. That's all. It is NOT a Spec Generating / Spec DEFINING weapon. Most people choose to use Elemental Arrow: Frost Arrow, as a main generator, which can have it's advantages, but I would even argue that the point of using your generator is just to give you a boost back up to firing off your main spenders again while slowing things down (if you're using CotW). For this purpose, I really still prefer Entangling Shot: Justice is Served. Granted, Frost Arrow will give you a larger area of effect. I'd still opt to get back to firing off Cluster Arrows faster. Just my opinion.

There is now a set of rings that increases Damage Done by resource spenders "that spend resource" when at 100% of your Primary Resource. That's the Focus and Restraint Rings (Bastions of Will Set)


If you're somehow able to combine these three ultra rare items, Gob Bless You (see what I did there?) The jury is still out on the topic of damage increase for Kridershot using EA though and getting this bonus.


Question: I am having trouble figuring out what to reroll on my weapon

Answer: I wrote a rather large weapon reroll section above. Please scroll up!


Question: Some skills show that they are PHYSICAL Damage, but their runes are Fire or another element. Like Multishot: Arsenal. What part of the Arsenal skill is Physical and what part is fire?

Answer: The entire skill is the Element Depicted in the Rune. If it is a "Fire" Rune, all skill parts will be affected by bonus Fire damage. As well, it will apply ONLY Fire damage. You can test this on one of those random A5 Micro-Dungeon Bosses that's immune to a particular element. If you fire Multishot Arsenal against one that is Fire Immune, they will take 0 damage.

This goes for all elemental damage and skills.

More Questions to come in the future!
BREAK POINTS TABLE - Color Coded for viewing EASE!

^^^Color Coded for EASE! Now has Legend and Labels

UNABRIDGED 0.01 Increment APS Table :


^^ It's now ONE PAGE!! Make sure to scroll down. There is ONE box that is RED. That Red box is 0.0021 away from BP... So I made it red because... that sucks.

The Top line across in bold is the TnT Pet APS Increase Stat (eg 1+40% = 1.40)

Here is the link to the thread as well:

For those who hate math.
any chance we can get a legacy nat-oriented guide as well?
and perhaps a gear mini-guide for each build?
Great idea. I do not have a Legacy Nat set, so for this particular avenue, I'm going to have to call upon the other experts in this forum to present specs.

I will write in the gear mini-guides though
bump. Really nice suggestion, good work again Oscar :)
Good work Oscar!
Awesome thread STICK PLEASE!

What spec would you recommend for Ubers in a party setting?
02/24/2013 07:51 PMPosted by killuchen
What spec would you recommend for Ubers in a party setting?

How peculiar you asked that. BurningJC007 and I were just testing out his new build. I will put up a good suggestion for Ubers, both with and without a CM Wiz.
For Uber bosses, I think Nmitty's single target rapid fire build is great:
The Single-Target output on that build is nuts.

He's got a video on it somewhere in there:
Thanks guys :D
I've updated with a part to the guide for Uber bosses as well as Uber bosses WITH a CM Wiz
Looking for experts who use Legacy Nats.
02/24/2013 08:32 PMPosted by Oscar
Looking for experts who use Legacy Nats.

You can insert this into the legacy nat's section. Here's my experience with legacy.

Legacy Nats = perma-gloom and spammable vaults.
However, the catch is that you sacrifice stats even if you have the best rolled Nat pieces.
With that said, the significant discipline pool from Legacy Nats allows your hunter or huntress to go and take discipline dumps, dumps of pure discipline. For example, you can spam 5x jagged spikes, or cast marked for death without second thoughts, or trail of cinder just cuz you feel like it.

There are many possible builds, but only two that really capitalize on the Legacy.
(these are all for mid to high MP levels, i.e. 7-10 with 200k dps, 40-50%CC, and 450resists).

The core principle here is that you want so much discipline, you become discipline diarrhetic.
The cinder arrow (or cluster grenades) proc nightstalker like crazy. With 3 discipline per second, plus the nightstalker return, you are free to not only perma-gloom carelessly, but can 5-stack jagged spikes, smokescreen (with the hatred regen rune), and vault reliably and consistently.
The 5-stack jagged spikes also synergizes incredibly well with either Cluster arrow (Clusterbombs) or Echoing Blast.

The core principle here is that 3 discipline per second is just enough discipline to let you drop nightstalker and/or vengeance with full realization that you will have to use discipline conservatively, almost like a non-legacy nat. You will not be able to discipline dump as in build#1. However, the advantage of dropping nightstalker for something else gives you many more options.
Core skills: NO NEED FOR NIGHTSTALKER. Instead, you can use Grenadier + Vengeance for spamming cluster arrows. Or, you can use Bola Shot (Imminent doom) + Grim Reaper for some insane single-target dps that's also insanely aoe.

Finally, it's worth noting that Legacy Nat's, Tactical Advantage, and Vault are three-some soul-mates. If you go legacy nats, it's obligatory to run Vault and TA. The reasons can be found by googling, but basically since you can perma vault, and vault can break most CC's, why the f'k not!

There's also a pvp build for legacy, but I suck at pvp, so I defer to another legacy hunter.
Thanks Castablanca. Not quite the language and syntax I would have chosen, but it's good information, I'll add it into the sections.
Already put stick notes :) Really good works
Are there other ways to request sticky aside from the singular button up top which can only be hit by one player?
nice guide oscar, gonna bookmark this to post to all the new players asking for this info.

I'll write you up something later for a fast-farming build with legacy nats (my uber pickup radius build w no hatred generator)

Thanks Veritech! I was hoping you would post up a legacy Nats reponse!

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