where's all the barb pvp threads?

I'm about to get into pvp for the first time and I don't see any threads!
I know. I haven't heard much discussion in D3 pvp at all after the ptr ends.

I have to say though, I like the pvp very much. It definitely could be better though. Matches actually last longer than those in D2 and felt more balanced than I was expecting (yeah I didn't expect much). I definitely had a lot of fun.
simple pvp is not what players wanted or were expecting from the way it was represented prior to release.
need to find some friends on here to duel for fun that's around the same gear as me. Anyone down?
vendor pvp is fun. You can only use gear from the vendor and only the gems that drop in inferno ( I forget the name of them ) but that way its not so much gear but skill.
Do you plan to use your the gear on your profile? You might need some ehp gear to be competitive. Otherwise its not much fun, since you will get 1-shotted. Luckily, pvp gear is pretty cheap on the AH.
I haven't messed around with pvp at all so I have no idea what gear I should be aiming for. Being a pvper I'd like to start a pvp set so I can have a goal in mind when I farm.

Id recommend switching your rubies to amethysts when you pvp. Also, get a shield for your offhand (barbs are either using a shield or skorn depending on the matchups). A Litany with 7% elite reduction wouldnt be a bad idea either to replace that hellfire.
I'll have to play around a bit to see myself

Blackthrone's set is great for pvp. Chest and pants can have a lot of vit, belt and boots will give you a lot of life regen, not to mention the elite dam reduction. They are also very cheap compare to IK pieces. Definitely get a shield. Storm shield is a nice and cheap option, otherwise look for rares with all the ehp boosters, and some crit.

In the damage department, crit and crit dam would be the most important. Att speed is useless, since most of the time you will be hitting once, and you want to make that hit count.

IMO, life regen is probably the most important def stat. Since much of the time you will be chasing, hiding, or waiting for your ignore pain cool down.
Thanks for all the tips. I figured Regen would be a big factor.
Dont skimp on your all resist, though. You'll need them in every matchup.

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