ah error 3006

Bug Report
i keep getting "cant not get your payment method (error 3006)" when i switch from my gold ah to the real money ah then it boots me out of the ah can someone help ?
I have the same error. It happened a few days ago, then appeared to be resolved. Now it's back.
same thing happening to me too
Same thing here. And Blizz wonders why people use 3rd party sites...if you have money on an acct that you never know if you will have access to it, why use that acct? They at least should warn people BEFORE they load money that it might not be accessible!
This error was resolved a week ago, now it is back. This is costing blizzard revenue so it should be #1 priority to fix this bug. Thank you for looking into it, if we can't get our balances we can't spend money, and you can't make $.
Hurry up on the expansion also! :D :D :D
This is BS, Blizzard should be on top of the RMAH at ALL times...

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