RMAH. no balance or payment options. err 3006

Technical Support
The RMAH can't get my balance or payment options. After error 3006 it boots me to the gold AH. I can't sell anything. Is this due to the 1.07 patch?

There is a similar thread in Europe
Yes I am experiencing the exact same error, please help.
My RMAH balance return to 0, WTF Blizzard

Your RMAH system is sucks, always have variety of error or bugs
I'm having the same problem, and I just added funds to my account last night :/.... I was hoping I was not the only one with the problem.
Same here.....annoying!
Also experiencing this issue.
same thing here
same here, Im getting 'Request Timeout' and balance $0.00.

Was this the same a couple of weeks ago after they did a maintenance? i thought maintenance should make things better?
this again. yep..
same here

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