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Texa mind adding this
come to think of it, I think it's about time to give this level 50 passive some more love.

Hey all; check out my profile (character: Raven) to see my newly completed (self-built, no RMAH)

Free Chakram/Multishot build.

Primary: Chakram/Boomerang
Secondary: Multishot/Suppressive Fire
1. Shadow Power/Night Bane
2. Smoke Screen/Special Recipe
3. Sentry/Guardian
4. Preparation/Punishment

Passives: Perfectionist, Archery, Sharpshooter

Equipment: gear that reduces the casting cost of Chakram to the point where you generate Hatred faster than you spend it; depending on your gear that can vary 8-10 Hatred casting cost reduction. I personally am at 9 reduced Hatred so it costs me only 1 Hatred to cast it. 9-10 reduced casting cost is the safest bet and grants the most flexibility with equipment.

I don't know if this build's been used before or not, sorry too lazy to do preemption research; but ALL the builds I've ever used in this game have been ones I've come to through my own extensive experimentation. No outside sources were used for inspiration on this build.

This build does require some specialized equipment to reduce the cost of Chakram casting to the point where it actually counts as a Hatred generating attack, I just took it for a test run in MP5 farming and MAN does it kick butt. Not only did it farm more efficiently than all my party mates who were using standard cookie-cutter builds, but it did equally well against both elites AND mass monster hordes. In fact, I survived prolonged elite fights in close quarters that killed all of my party members.

How To:

It takes a bit of practice to use the Suppressive Fire/Punishment combo but once you do get the hang of it, you essentially can spam Multishot constantly against hordes, and you'll essentially never want for either Hatred OR Discipline. If you're low on Hatred but high on Discipline, cast Preparation or Shadow Power; then spam Multishot on some monsters and if you hit at least 3-4 or more you'll refill your Discipline globe enough to rinse/repeat. I discovered this combination quite some time ago but this is the first time I'm making a post about it. Perfectionist is an important ingredient of this technique, since it reduces the cost of Punishment by %10 making it much easier to fill up enough Discipline from Suppressive Fire to cast it even against smaller mobs.

If you ever find yourself low on both Hatred AND Discipline, not to worry; simply fall back on Chakram, which does plenty of damage anyway. Boomerang does tons of damage vs. hard targets in small numbers so that's the go-to Elite killer. Boomerang can be awkward to aim but a little practice and you get the hang of it easily enough.

I'm very proud of getting my character to this point, and of coming up with this build. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Variation on this Build for Ubering (Works at MP10 in party)

Primary: Chakram/Razor Disk
Secondary: Impale/Impact (alt: Fan of Knives for farming)
1. Shadow Power/Gloom
2. Smoke Screen/Special Recipe
3. Caltrops/Bait the Trap
4. Sentry/Guardian

1. Perfectionist
2. Nightstalker
3. Either Sharpshooter or Archery (Archery if using Hand Crossbow)

-With 50+ CC, this build generates discipline nearly constantly, even against single targets like the Uber bosses.

-In addition, this build can be used with a melee weapon/shield combo if desired!

- See my hardcore character "Robin" for an example of this build as a work in progress.
I've written a comprehensive guide to Bola/Ball Lightning DH. I'd like to request it be added to this list.

Thanks a bunch in advance!
Hello TexaStranger,

I have written a fairly comprehensive guide regarding the intricacies of dual wield mechanics, and would like for you to consider adding it to the instructional section of your sticky.


Updated OP to reflect new links provided by @AshTag, @Skeeter, @RedCell. Will continue to update later today. Thanks, as always!
Part 1 of my gearing service reached its post limit so here's part 2.

Mao has did a very nice explanation on Sentry damage calculations in one of my threads below. Think It would be interesting. Also Caltrops damage as well.
Added Nyan's RF Gearing Thread #2 to both the build section (under Rapid Fire) and gearing section.

A list of damage and available tactics

was created to help measure the efficiency of dodge and the gain in ehp
I create a general help centre, where the entire DH community is welcomed to help any other player that seeks advice. Currently experimenting if this will work out well!

02/27/2013 01:56 PMPosted by TexaStranger
The following threads may prove helpful if you are a Demon Hunter looking for information on the following topics:

As someone who's now getting back into D3 and finding it fun but wanting to read a lot on guides for his DH... Thank you very much ;)
Well, I have done alright as a AOE tank, hold my own.(at T3)

at T3
Spamming Grenades, I hit each foe for 160-230K w/ crits of 380-400K.

Still learning,

I have been looking for DH-Tank build, not very many posts on them.
I'd like to add my build to the list.

I've even made a video guide
Check out my build and gearing.i got alot of damage % against elites I just need to get the Natalya Slayer ,( replaced danetta) and the helm, so i'll get 7% crit chance
Please keep in mind guys that this OP is no longer actively playing the game nor is any of the information in any of our stickies currently updated fully for RoS 2.0.

I am working on my Common Builds sticky guide and will morph it into something completely different within the next few days.
It would seem this hero class has been abandoned. Is there anyone out there in 2.1.x era that cares to post current builds and gear info for DH? It's a very challenged class atm...
I do have a sticky that is admittedly not as updated as it should be. I pop in from time to time to see how things are going though.

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