MP10 Self Found Wizard Death Pool - 3m !!!

Well I started the exact same thing at about the exact same time! Trucking end of A3 NM at level 52... good luck!

Oh, and... predict 50. And if I win I don't want the gold cause I'm purist. ;)

GL dude! Yea it is slow going because I've been busy lately and my WD is almost PL50 so I have had my play time split up.
p7, GL!! :P
Update: at Level 28 in Act 3
Gratz to fatvirgin#1130 ... died to the guy at the beginning of Act 4 at level 33. I killed Azmodan pretty easily, but all the little critters he spawns proved to be too much...what a shame.

GG guys.
I did what you are doing with my monk cynister. You will die as i did farming act 4 gear for inferno. Lol. Good luck bro. No AH is the sh1t for sure. PL 3 glorious death!
ha! good luck :)
My wizz died at lvl 52, on NM act 4... Started new one ;)
Should read threads more thoroughly. Ha!

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