Monk Direction for HC?

I personally like the 7-800 range too, that is, however, in conjunction with ~6k armor and 60-70k hp. You do have pretty good sustain on paper, although, your AS is pretty low. But keep in mind that sustain does not save you from all situations, I would try to increase your ehp before you boost anything else, the most efficient way would be armor and hp.
Yeah im gonna get some health gems to replace my old dex ones once I have some gold coming in. Stuff is just way expensive on the AH. Blows my mind
To give you an idea about what sort of stats a HC monk might be looking for, right now my defensive targets are:

6K armor
800 resist
60K Life

I'm not quite there yet, but abot another 100 resist and I'll be happy. For sustain, I'm currently trying to hit some pretty odd targets, as this HC run is an experiment in having many different kinds of sustain. Currently, I've got roughly:

500 LoH
2.6 LS
1000 Life Regen
63 LpSS

Which is pretty much where I want to be. I'm overshooting what my first DPS target was already (40K). Anyway, I find I have to set some sort of near-term targets for DPS / Life / mitigation / sustain. This way I have some sort of framework to work towards and know if I'm "improving".

Looking at your profile right now, Vindemiatrix, you look to be in a good place in terms of gear. I'd probably targeting something that has both more offense and defense, since your not particularly lopsided.

Also, I'm a big fan of life sustain. A bigger fan even than EHP. Even in HC, I feel like once you get past a certain point, sustain is more important in more situations. In terms of how you increase DPS, I'd probably be looking for more IAS, since you're using LoH and LpSS, so this way you increase both damage and survivability.
Thank you :) I know im a day late on a response but hey! My gear now has improved even more! Currently im sitting right at 800 all res, 58k life 944 LoH with 72k dps with blazing wrath up. almost to the 6k armor target goal as well. Had some pretty sick snipes and finds on the AH. Still going strong!
TR build is awesome for hardcore there's a detailed thread in a monk section on how to execute this.
03/04/2013 05:05 AMPosted by Netadm1n
TR build is awesome for hardcore there's a detailed thread in a monk section on how to execute this.

True TR farm build is extremely hard to do on HC due to lack of gear.

Decent Innas that doesn't neuter your ehp, will run you 300-600mil alone (though 100+ vit temperance will run you that much by itself heh)
Decent SOJ with TR crit and 2+ SR, another 75-120 mil
Decent Xeph with a stat or CC, the same, if not more depending how high the spir regen is
Skorn is of course 60+mil with lifesteal
and of course, meeting all the gearing requirements while maintaining 100k sheet damage.

These costs are providing theyre even available on the HC AH. Dunno, running around with 400-500 AR and sub 40k hp is REALLY dangerous on HC, no matter how fast you move.

TR/Bells or other hybrids work well though.
I personally still enjoy a straight SW build. The AoE damage is great, Bell is fun but its a spirit abuser imo, sure you can get the rune for the cost to be 40 spirit but its not as impressive as the full on bell, SW build I have spirit to use all the time for blind/serenity/heals and more dps if wanted. And like you said spirit gen gear is pricey and skorns yeah forget about it.

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