have I hit the upgrade wall?

I think I have gone as far as I can on the few mil here, few mil there upgrades.... last thing I bought was a IK chest for 7 mil.

have I hit that wall where the next set of upgrades will be 100's of millions?
I concur with orwell, you're not at that wall yet. Though you might have hit the wall where trying to get incremental updates for each slot would run you in the hundreds of millions. However I do see one right off the bat: Go for a slightly better mempo, you can get 1 % ias and 6-8% all res basically for free if you snipe a good deal (this is just free dps waiting to be picked up).

You probably won't be able to buy upgrades for your shoulders, gloves and bracers. At least when I searched for equivalents for mine, there either weren't any or they cost billions. Just prepare to continually craft these.

Other Upgrades that will not cost you 100s of millions are: skorn (low dps, no ias or ls - I'd think that one these is mandatory), boots, pants
my mempo with 199 strgth, 9% attk spd and 12% hp is 5 mils, so that is an easy upgrade with 20+ main stat, 1% attk spd and 2% more hp. also try to get one with int, or dex for added all resist / or dodge chance.
In addition to what has already been mentioned you can get some Ice Climber boots for 10m or so (or at least IK boots for 5-8m) that will be MILES better than your Fire Walkers. Also a better Skorn than what you have shouldn't cost much either (1300+ DPS).
^^ DON'T GET ICE CLIMBERS. spend 20-30 on ik boots with around 150str-90vit. you're getting there, but there is a lot to do before hitting "the wall"
no way man, you can easily craft yourself some new shoulders (craft shoulders of vit, it allows higher rolls), and a new ammy, prob won't take many tries to out do your existing gear. Also, get new pans, and you can upgrade ur ik armor for cheap prob.

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