Got some 0Dog gear (Going right direction?)

Witch Doctor
After snagging an SOJ for cheap I decided to start a 0dog.

I also bid on a helm with 10 secs to go last night, 4crit but the AH just sat there and waited and waited then said I "failed" bid. grrrr!!

The helm I have now is just because I need to get a piece with 7 p/u radius but have not get that yet.

Crafted the gloves but they will do until I get ones with AR or p/u. I am going to start crafting shoulders next and how for p/u there too.

Any other pointers? (I logged out in my gear, see profile) Thank you!
i thought -0CD needed -34 seconds (is that why u got GI? or maybe cause of the healing?)

idk how much +7 pikc up radius is, but im sure it'll do.

but um... ya.. ur pretty good. there's always the saying "there's always room to grow" but w/ your set up, why bother (unless you got the gold?). your gear is fine. way better than what i can attain.
ya, on 2nd inspection. ur gear is redonculous (in a good way). so much expensive gear
You need more AR. In order to be able to tank elemental damage that e's will throw on you like desecrate, arcane beams, etc in upper MP levels you probably need to run AR on 1-2 more. SInce you are running lacuni / innas... you really dont need the movement speed on your zuni boots... so you might check out some good Ice Climbers with int/vit/globe roll. They will auto roll life%, AR, and the cold reduction is underrated.

MCK is also not really the best weapon for 0 dog. You really don't need LS for a 0 dog... it would be better to get a sword with ias, CD, socket, int for instance. You can probably just take a look at some of the top 0 dog docs and model after what they do... heyguyslol comes to mind.
well the Helm was just a helm with p/u that I was going to mess with until I get a piece with p/u. I will be getting a 9 helm with crit but at this time haven't gotten it.

Yes I was going for AR gloves but didnt get a good craft roll yet, also thought about losing my inna pants for my Blackthorn pants, 259vit 12% life so I could bump my life for survival. as for MCK it will have to do, I do not feel like getting some 400mil weapon for a build that is not my primary. I just wanted to get a 0dog set that could workout. I guess i could look for one and if I can get a "cheap" one without losing a ton of DPS ill try to snag it (we will see). Also I have never really even looked into Climbers I will do that today.

Current needs imo:
New helm (zuni or visage crit)
AR roll on gloves
P/U roll on gloves/shoulders or buy a WH with P/U.


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