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I've played D3, PoE and TL2 extensively (~500hrs, ~100, 150 hrs) and I am out of my mind bored with each of them. I really need a new game to play!

Do you guys have any recommendations? I enjoy all genres but I don't like MMOs.

I was thinking of trying Borderlands our, or trying to play through some Skyrim again but that game made me a little motion sick and got boring as well, I never jived well with the completely open world and leveling system in TES games (even though I played a ton of Oblivion).

So anything cool new or old that you guys are in to?

If you like FPS's then you should try out Blacklight: Retribution. It has RPG elements in it and best of all, it's F2P. It's one of the best I have ever played. Very fun game. After giving it a shot for the first time I couldn't believe that it was free. Not to mention the game is getting bigger and bigger. Highly recommend.
thanks for the recommendation I will check it out!

I am more of an RPG ARPG fan than FPS but as you said with RPG elements in it that sounds good.

wait for Tomb Raider...
emulators, psx, saturn, n64 and everything before them

also sim city 4 and anno games
Witcher 1 and 2.

Kingdoms of Amalur.

The Walking Dead Game.
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wait for Tomb Raider...


Borderlands 2 is a great choice in the FPS genre with some light RPG elements (skill tree, upgrading loot). Though if you want the DLC (it's actually GOOD DLC) you'll be paying a fair amount. Could wait for another sale.

Far Cry 3 is also a great choice in the FPS genre with some light RPG elements (skill tree, weapon customization).

If you like old school action RPGs (think Zelda) then check out the Ys games on Steam. I love them all, but Oath in Felghana is the best imo. Ys Origin is on sale today and is a great game as well. Ys 1+2 have a different battle system which is hit or miss but it's the beginning of Adol's story. Each game has parts that reference others in the series but you don't have to play them all or in order. Except Origin. If you don't want some important spoilers, don't play that until after Ys 1+2.
mass effect 1 and 2.
Walking dead, borderlands 2, left 4 dead 2, return to castle wolfenstein, starcraft 2, warlords battlecry series, unreal tournament games... old school SNES squaresoft RPGS, nintendo 64 had some classic games as well.. mario kart, goldeneye, nba hangtime, nfl blitz, wwf wrestlemania

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