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Ok. It is time for all the players(still active, ex-players, in-pain players, angry players, felt-betrayed players, etc) to unite.

Let us decide on the most important questions to ask this time around.

So suggest the question. I'll compile the ones with the most number and update this thread with them. I'll limit it to the top 10 questions.

Let it be serious questions on where the DEVs are taking this game on the future patches towards expansion.


Ok. I'll start.

When you stated that you plan on creating more crafting plans, are these going to be in the next patch?

How about crafting plans that require very unique ingredients? An ingredient that we can get from specific sub-bosses or main bosses or even the purple-name demons?

For example: Tongue of Belial which is one of the requirements to create an uber rare item.

You need to kill Belial to get it. But the drop rate is not 100%.
This feels pointless, but what the heck, I'm bored.

Do you have any plans to buff or rework undesirable affixes such as thorns damage?

Do you have any plans to make blue, white, and even gray items worth picking up?

Do you have any plans to add charms?
They just might cherry pick those questions, hope the vote points will be transparent to us all... but I'll give this a try, hope it'll work. My question below...

Do you have any plans of making the MF gear worth for farming? I mean, sacrificing a lot of DPS for drops that 99% of the time are just worthless.

Could you rephrase your ideas into questions? Thanks!
Here's the question I plan on asking:

Do you have any intentions of progressing crafting beyond glorified gambling before the next expansion? If so, what are your intentions? To give an example of what I mean, consider this system:
- Each blue item has a chance of producing an "Essence of <quality> <property>" based on the item's properties.
- Each rare item is guaranteed to produce one.
- X number of identical essences can be added to a craft to guarantee it's corresponding roll
- ie add 10 "Essences of Greater Strength" to guarantee a strength roll within a given range

Given enough farming, you could pick all 6 stats on a rare. This would still take a ton of work, since you need (x essences) x (1/6 chance of getting the right essence from a rare) x (rares with the right property and range). Even then, you would have no guarantee of where in the range each property would roll. At least you can see the gradual progress as you collect the essences, though.
@Jaque for TopStock (I am not speaking for or from TopStock, These are my own speculations)
Will you be changing the elemental damages to have certain elemental effects?

i.e: Lighting-Chance to stun, Fire-Dot (Fast Dot), Poison-Dot (Long/prolonged Dot), Holy-Decrease Armor or Decrease Damage, Arcane-Extra burst damage that proc's and is not guaranteed, Cold-Chance to Freeze (thou atm its slow works great).

Will you also have an animation effect for the type?

i.e: Lighting-Shows lighting coursing thru the target, Fire-Shows target on fire, Poison-Shows Greenish cloud affecting target, Holy-Smoky white wisps coming off target, Arcane-Purple Aura that Explodes from target when elemental type damage is proc'd, Cold-Works well already.

It seems out of all the elemental types added to weapons the only one with effects atm is Cold. The only time I see other elemental damage is thru skills [mostly fire/Posion type] (Wiz/WD/DH specifically)
Will you be implementing new items/drop rates or quests for ActIV?

I'm only doing inferno ActIV for Achievements. I have never seen or heard of anyone consistently farming ActIV. The only times were for the Plans for the infernal machine, and some people farming the mini bosses for Account bound Archon plans.


Are you going to change Item drops at Inferno?
Basically to reflect better game progression and gear up for the next Inferno Act.

i.e: ActI only drops ilvl61 w/ very low chance for ilvl62, ActII only drops ilvl61-62 w/ very very low chance for ilvl63, ActIII only drops ilvl62-63, ActIV only drops ilvl63
any plans to invent more build-inspiring items? i can count on one hand the number of items in the game that inspire whole builds for a character

how many more affixes are you planning to roll out?
02/27/2013 03:19 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
What's the point? They've probably already pre-selected the questions

Players will generate questions, and vote on the ones they want to see answered.
- Grimiku

So its not pre-selected. Us, the players, will provide the questions. Only the ones that get the most votes will be asked to the devs.

And honestly, why would any of us care for an explanation about why the devs keep failing the way they do? These Q&As are not open mics to solicit player input ... they're just devs telling us their thoughts about their game design, and we all know how well the game is designed.

I would have to conclude that you are too emotionally affected by the game right now to even expect a rational discourse.

You hate the game. I love it. There are those who agree with me and there are those who agree with you.

You (somehow) gave up on any hope of things getting better. I see areas for improvement and would like to see it turn to reality and will continue to hope for it.

The devs are still humans, just like us the players. There is always a chance for them to change their minds.
what is your favorite color and why
do you play d3 while sitting on the can
have you ever dreamed diablo 3 ? if so what was the dream
02/27/2013 08:49 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
Jaque, did you even read the first ATD answers?


Let me return your own question. Did you?

If your answer is yes then our opinions differ on what ATD meant for all players.

For example, can we really say with all honesty that these were pre-selected questions?

Q. I want field PvP, not a specific zone. If it is indiscriminate slaughtering that Blizzard is concerned of, why not provide an opt in/out for dueling? Why would anyone stand around doing nothing in the arena while others are out in the field grinding? Most of all, a dumbed-down zone fails to utilize all the possibilities of open-world combat.

-- FatalPower (Asia [Korean])

Q. Could you please explain your reasoning behind making the new crafted rares account bound?

-- Dubey#1721 (Americas [English])

Q. Do you really think that Marquise Topaz (and Amethyst) in weapons are competitive in comparison to other gems?

-- Shadow#21740 (Europe [Russian])

Q. What is the point of adding a Marquise Topaz to a weapon (Melee attackers take 2500 per hit)? What happened to the proposed buff to Thorns?

-- Wachati (Americas [English])

For the answers for each question, I am quite satisfied with them even if I did not agree with several PoV from the devs.

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