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I'm a bit disappointed that there isn't more on the technical forums yet on the problems with people being stuck at the "retrieving characters" list.

On the World of Warcraft forums, Moderators and GM's posted well over two weeks ago that Verizon is having difficulties with information going to the battlenet servers and Battlenet is constantly working with them for a long term solution.

It was really sad that I had to travel to another games forums to get answers from a GM post when it is obvious that people are having the same exact problems with D3.

If you would like to read more on this topic, and even contribute to help it move along, visit :

[edit] There is a blue post forum at the top with suggestions for a similar problem but it does not mention Verizon users and most of the problems are involving non US server users trying to use US servers.

If you are using Verizon Fios and cannot log in, go to this link, and try these instructions - They worked for me.

Although this forum was meant for people from oceanic like servers, it will work for Verizon users (or at least it worked for me)

I will add a step though that gave me a problem, after you type in the new DNS
There is an option to validate whether it worked or not. Validate it !!
Good luck.

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