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I used to have the Steam overlay working just fine with D3 for a very long time, but one of the recent patches broke it. I am aware you don't support/endorse this, but I'm at wit's end now and figured I'd try to harvest some tips from the people who actually make the game.

The overlay hooks into the game just fine. I get the little "Access the Steam Community" popup, as well as chat and sign-in notifications. They all pop up within the D3 window itself, so I know this isn't a loading issue. The problem is that the Shift-Tab key combo does not actually open the overlay. To make this even stranger, I know that the overlay is blocking the D3 process from "seeing" me press the key combo, because the cursor does not move between the boxes on the login page. But it just will not open.
Unfortunately, overlays of any kind for D3, especially those that actually hook into the game itself are both unsupported and can cause your account to be actioned (I'm just trying to give you fair warning). Diablo 3 was not meant to have such overlays working within its windowspace, and any bugs that crop up will not be able to be addressed as this is really is a violation of the ToS.

I feel for you, since you obviously are like many others that want a more social aspect to Diablo 3, but we're not going to be able to assist you here I'm afraid. :(

Edit: I know you prefaced your post saying you understand that this isn't supported, but unfortunately none of the support staff can actually offer any tips regarding this, even if they'd like to.

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