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So I started off with a barb and then a wiz and now a monk. I like my barb and did some farming on him got some decent drops for a monk so i decided to roll a monk.

I got my monk to 60 and have some gear on him. I have gotten to where I enjoy playing my monk now more than my barb.

My sustain isn't too good, My hp feels like its WAY too low I just dont know how to improve it without hurting my dmg(which isn't really all that high to begin with) I'm just looking for some pointers or guidance on what gear I need to replace or whatever from some people with more experience with monks. My budget is low... I only have 20m gold..
bump. I just need to figure out how I can get more sustain without losing too much damage. I focussed most of my stats on crit chance and ias. was that a good choice?

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