Hi! I can't access the auction house!

Technical Support
I am sorry if this is not the place to post, but I cannot access the gold auction house.

I can access the RMAH just fine, but not the gold one.

I tried to change my location and tried Asian server, and that server popped up gold auction house.

In the America server, there is only RMAH available in my client. There isn't any button that says USD (to change to gold auction house)

Could you please help me? I want to check out some items trend parallel to gold. not real money.

Thank you in advance

USD (U.S. Dollars) is the Real Money Auction House, not the gold one. On the US server, I see no reason you wouldn't have access to both as you have a US Battle.net and game account.

Can you take a screenshot of the AH while you're on the US server and upload it to an image hosting site and then provide the link?

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