Chest Armor

Bug Report
I have found a bug base on the chest armor that i had bought recently from the AH. The Item is Immortal King's Eternal Reign, the chest armor has three (3) slot within it so i place three (3) ruby gems in it. I replace it with my old one and place them on, but the issue was that it doesn't show i am wearing it, the armor look as if it was broken so i went to do a repair on it but it didnt need to be repair. I'm not sure what's going on with the item, i also log off the game and relog back on hope that will do the trick but it did not.


im unable to show the images but that is the link above. There two (2) of the images, one is the out of game and the other is in the game.
same here :(
Use dye remover to remove the invisible dye.
same problem here, but dye remove fix it ... tks

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