Advice please.

So i have yet to get it down (granted my dedication to d3 has been patchy). I couldnt seem to get the perma wrath thing down up until recently. I had a hard time starting with out some sort of fury gen, bash,cleave, frenzy. even though it seems the best builds dont use them.

So i changed OP/killing spree to OP/momentum. Its been awesome, i have zero fury get near minimal 3 enemies blast that and i can hit battle rage and start winnin with my spinnin. works awesome for HotA and other builds aswell. The other nice benefit, and this is the part thats helped me with perma wrath, is that when i dump my fury spaming BR and Sprint rather than that second or two the ticks fill my fury up i can instant split second fill it back up with OP.

What im asking after all my stating is, without momentum ( i would rather use killing spree) i cant seem to start, and my perma wrathing is sketchy at best. iv watched several videos and know the general 123 to get going. Is it my gear? my choice of weapon? or do i suck lol.
02/25/2013 01:14 PMPosted by Kretanix89
Is it my gear? my choice of weapon? or do i suck lol.

In all honesty, two-hander ww builds are not easy when it comes to fury maintenance. Two one-hander builds are used more frequently due to the free 15% IAS bonus for dual-weilding. IAS plays an important factor in fury gen. Due to the inherently slow attack speed of a scorn, it is sometimes tricky to maintain fury as your tornadoes do not "tick" as fast with Run like the wind.

If you like the ww build, consider switching out the skorn with an axe or mace main hand with an Echoing Fury with at least .24 aps offhand.

You might like it better.

Also go to the sticky topic in the barb forum to research the ww build and what really makes that fury engine move...

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